Top 10 Ways to Use Videos on Marketing Campaign Landing Pages

by | May 26, 2020 | Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Interactive Marketing

Landing pages make the most of the content and information you’ve created to attract your ideal prospects, but simply having a landing page isn’t enough.

You need to attract and keep attention and keep the viewer on the page.

How can you best do this? Video. Your prospects are more likely to engage with a video than any other content. About 85% of brands now use video on a regular basis, and you should too, particularly on your landing pages.

Since video lives on the landing page and doesn’t require the prospect to click away, they can view and hear your message without the risk of bouncing. Video also keeps prospects on the page for a longer period of time, making it more likely they’ll take the next step through your funnel.

Why Video?

Using video on landing pages used to be reserved for big brands with equally large budgets, but the ease of production coupled with strong consumer preference has made video appealing for brands of all sizes. Even sole proprietors, entertainers, coaches and consultants use video to showcase their talents and ensure that a prospect can get a true sense of their value proposition. According to experts at Hubspot, a full 86 percent of businesses now leverage video content for marketing purposes, banking on those strong consumer preferences and significant returns promised by this compelling media.

While video can be used anywhere  in your marketing strategy, it can help boost your conversion rates on some of your most important online property — your landing pages. Since each page needs to move a prospect forward, video can help connect, engage and inform, even when you aren’t available to speak in person. Video also conveys large amounts of information in a visual way. Someone who wouldn’t take the time to read their way through a wall of text will often happily sit through an explainer, whiteboard or presentation video.

Learning more about using video on landing pages can boost your conversion rates and ROI and allow you to compete with larger brands on a more level playing field.

Ideally, your video content will make your landing pages more effective and appealing to visitors. Optimized correctly, video can extend the amount of time your prospects spend on the page, point viewers towards important details (like your CTA) and forge a lasting, more personal connection. Use the tips below to create compelling videos that keep prospects entertained and build connections with your visitors and viewers and make the most of this dynamic and useful medium for your brand.

10 Tips for Using Video on Landing Pages

Video is astoundingly effective in many locations, but optimizing it for your landing pages will skyrocket your conversions and results. From incorporating a CTA to using videos to entertain and educate, here are 10 best practices for your landing page videos:

Include a CTA

Every landing page has one single goal; to get viewers and visitors to take an action. That action could be to request information, to schedule a call or to download content. Whatever it is, everything on your landing page needs to direct prospects towards that goal. Your landing page still needs to serve this fundamental purpose, even if you are incorporating video.

Make sure your video includes a call to action that refers viewers back to the goal of your page and generates the conversions you need. Skipping the CTA is a wasted opportunity; someone who has already invested time watching your video is likely interested enough to continue through your sales funnel. Make it easy for them by pointing out, highlighting or otherwise specifying the next step as part of your video.

Offer a Perk

Reward those who watch all the way through with something special — an offer, discount or other promotion that’s only for viewers and that expires soon.

This creates a sense of urgency that can boost your conversion rate; curiosity about your offer could keep visitors watching until the end.

Incorporate Testimonials

Written testimonials are lovely, but they don’t have quite the punch that video reviews do. When your client takes the time to record a video and highlight what you’ve done for his business, the authenticity resonates with your prospects. One of the easiest and most effective ways of using video on landing pages is to showcase testimonials from happy clients. Your client can state how you’ve helped them in their own words, creating a clip that will inspire confidence and significantly boost your landing page conversions.

Your testimonials could be from happy clients describing you, from brands that you’ve helped succeed, and from those that you’ve impacted with your work. No matter what your connection or experience was, one or more video testimonials are solid social proof of your work. Share these on your landing pages for maximum impact using a viewer that doesn’t take the reader away from the page.

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Autoplay vs. Press Play: Choose the Right Model

Some prospects will happily follow along when a video clip launches, while others may find an autoplay setup intrusive and annoying. While either of these setups can work, one may align better with your branding than the other.

Your target buyer persona may also have a strong preference for the ability to press play over the convenience of autoplay.

The best way to figure this out is to test both approaches and see which one provides you with better results. If there is no difference, then go with the option that seems to suit your branding best.

Use Directional Cues

During the course of the video, use language, graphics or physical motion to point viewers to your landing page conversion goal. To do this effectively, you’ll need to have an idea of where the most important element will be so that your video can point to the correct place. This will draw attention right where you need it most, increasing your CTA button’s visibility and enhancing your CTR.


Leverage Video to Showcase your Product

The fastest, easiest way to convey the value of your product or service is to show it in action. A simple video can convey far more than paragraphs worth of descriptive content, no matter how compelling the writing is. Show off what you can do, how your product works or highlight your team in action so your visitors can get a near-instant understanding of what you have to  offer.

Start With a Plan

You may know your product inside and out and be a fantastic speaker, but a planned script will ensure your video flows smoothly and that you make the most of every second. You only have a minute to capture your viewer’s attention and a script can help you relay everything you need to, without feeling rushed.

If you plan on using physical cues to highlight an offer or your landing page, then a script will help you plan out when and where to direct viewer’s attention to your chosen details.

Test Your Video

Test your video on multiple devices, including laptops and phones to ensure it can be viewed as you intend. You should also test various browsers to ensure your visitors can easily access your video content. It’s terribly frustrating to see a video but not be able to view it — and that frustration could drive your best potential leads away.


Optimize for the Desktop

According to Hubspot, the majority of B2B customers who view marketing videos do so not on mobile devices, but on desktop or laptop computers. Since this differs from the strong mobile preferences buyers have for responsive mobile sites, it’s important to ensure your video is viewable on a desktop. A computer screen has a landscape, or horizontal alignment. This differs from Instagram’s square or the typical portrait, or vertical view offered by a mobile device. Keep the alignment in mind as you plan and create videos to ensure your completed clip works well on your landing page.

Choose the Right Length

According to Social Media Today, the majority of viewers will watch a video clip of up to two minutes before clicking away, and 65% of viewers either watch to the end or until at least the 3/4 mark. Only 5 percent of viewers stop a video in the opening seconds. This means that a video can help keep a prospect on your landing page and in front of your offer for a longer period of time. The more time your prospect spends on your page, the more likely they are to move forward, so video can significantly improve your bounce rate and page view times.

Get Help with Landing Page Videos

Video can make an astounding difference for your brand, help you generate leads and allow you to convey complex information in a simple straightforward way. Many brands understand the power of video, but aren’t sure where to begin. If this sounds like you, we can help. Get in touch to talk about your specific marketing needs and we’ll help you plan and execute a strategy designed to boost your conversions and keep the leads flowing in.

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