We are Boston’s Content and Digital Marketing Agency that provides the extra strategic marketing push to help you re-ignite growth.

80% Digital Marketing, 20% Awesome.
Since the day we were born.

In 11 years since we were founded, channels and technology have changed, yet our core offering hasn’t: we still provide the smartest integrated digital marketing, interactive creative, and content marketing possible. Based on the vision of our founder, MESH was built to deliver amazing results, and we continue to do so today. We helped our first technology client achieve a staggering 7X growth in only 18 months—and we’d like to help you accomplish something similar. Learn more about how our digital marketing agency has helped a company just like yours:

Effectively targeting high-value sources of growth.

Whether you’re leveraging digital marketing, content marketing, or some combination of the two, you’re facing two external variables that determine success or failure: your buyers—and your competitors.

Chances are, you know WHO your buyer is, but not WHY. We help you discover and analyze the market that is most in need of your product or service. We’ll help you discover the drivers of purchase and the intensity of your competitive landscape. And then we’ll help you create a strategy to address both, and generate leads your company will love.

Scale and expand your marketing capabilities.

Need a complete team? Need a specific strategic or tactical function? Our flexible approach allows you to get the marketing solutions you need—when you need them.

Simply plug our turn-key team into your firm’s marketing function to expand or scale where needed. For larger companies with long-term needs we provide 6 and 12 month service programs. For other, more agile companies, we provide on-demand marketing solutions.

Leverage deep marketing insights with Xterpretor.

You’ve got the [big] data. You’ve got the knowledge and experience. How are you translating that into true marketing insight and competitive advantage?

Leveraging bleeding edge tools and frameworks (some we’ve had to create because they just didn’t exist before) we’ll help you capture your customer’s experience, map their journey, and develop insights you can use.

Additionally, we can deliver unique competitor insights. There are myriad tools out there to inform you of clicks, traffic and spend—but no one else has our competitor content analysis tool, Xterpretor. We can tell you exactly what content your competitors are focusing on, and where your strategic opportunities exist.

True omnichannel marketing.

Earned media. Organic. Paid. Social. Video. Marketing Automation. Influencer. Gamification (no really—we’ve actually done that). Name it, it’s in our DNA.

No, we weren’t a web shop that “evolved into a marketing agency” when we subscribed to that hot marketing automation. From our first project to our latest, everything we do is aimed at providing the best experience to your customers—wherever they are.

We used to be where you are sitting today.

MESH was started because of the experience our founder had as a client of various digital marketing agencies. He found that the multitude of options, vendors, and approaches created more confusion than solutions. He set out to create a truly integrated content marketing and digital agency that would easily and quickly bring most—if not all—of those areas under one umbrella, driven by a team comprised of client-side experts.

To that end, our digital agency develops advanced content marketing strategies to influence the growth of brands across the globe and down the street in Boston.

Advanced content marketing strategies your C-Suite will love you for.

Really, whatever you’re focused on, it all boils down to leads.

We live for the challenge of creating your next BIG IDEA, whether it is wrapping your head (and arms) around marketing automation, developing content marketing strategy that works, envisioning a ground-breaking digital marketing campaign, or helping you realize your brand vision—we have done it.

Integrating business strategy, advanced content marketing development, and tactical engagement, MESH is truly a full-service marketing agency.

Over the past 15 years I have worked with dozens of firms. MESH Interactive is the only marketing agency to care as much about my business and my goals as I do. Their team took the time to understand our strategy with the Matchmaker.com business unit at Lycos and delivered results that not only looked great, but helped us move our business forward. We were able to reach new clients and maintain a presence in our clients’ minds. They continue to deliver above and beyond.

Dave Crandall (Google)

MESH developed our entire campaign strategy, and executed on nearly every facet of it. Videos, a flurry of emails, ads, social, infographics–you name–they did it. What blew me away was the way they dug in and pushed us not just to send out one message to everyone, but went so far as to segment our audience groups 3x7x4 resulting in 84 unique segments! I’ve never seen anything like it, and the huge boost in web traffic, awareness and social engagement were outstanding.

Kathleen Mitchell (TM Forum)

MESH has been instrumental in the development and expansion of Sequans’ brand positioning and marketing campaigns, demonstrating a high degree of creativity and knowledge of tech marketing. MESH has worked side by side with us every step of the way and has been very dependable and responsive.

Kimberly Tassin (Sequans Communications)

A Little Less Digital Agency, A Little More Satisfaction.

MESH provides technology companies with strategic marketing, creative brand, and website and custom application development solutions.

Digital marketing agency creative for sequan
The digital marketing landscape is ever-changing. You need more than a website to grow your business.

Today, your prospects are coming to the table more educated and empowered than ever. To help, we create and execute advanced digital and content marketing strategies that support your strategy business goals.

By developing integrated marketing campaigns that leverage content that breaks through the clutter, we help you connect with your audience and drive conversations and conversions. Best of all, we educate our clients so that once we are done—if you want—you can continue to execute on your own.

If your website isn’t coming up on Google, Facebook isn’t facilitating conversations and advertising isn’t generating sales leads… Connect with us Today! We will walk you through our digital marketing agency’s step-by-step hybrid digital and content marketing process and show you how we have helped our clients grow their business, create dynamic marketing content, increase sales and generate revenue.

When was the last time you gauged your brand’s health? Do you resonate with your market? Can your brand withstand a PR disaster?

We take a holistic approach to branding, based on the idea that an effective brand is not just a “good logo”, but an emotional and connected experience. We help you define your vision, understand the meaning behind your brand–your brand “story”—and help make sure your brand is authentic. At the end of the day, we want your brand to clearly and confidently declare who and what you are.

The stronger your brand is, the better you’re able to weather competition—or disaster. Don’t let your prospective clients ask “why should I care?” Help them answer know with proper positioning, messaging and strategy. MESH has helped more than 200 companies develop or refine their brand. Contact us for a sampling of our best brand work—and learn how we can help you make your vision a reality today!

At MESH, our goal as one of the most technologically advanced digital marketing agencies in Boston, is to create awareness, motivate engagement and generate leads through interactive experiences.

We start with your idea (or ours) and develop mind-blowing, competition knocking, kick-butt websites and application experiences that drive customer interaction. Anyone can create a website these days, but it takes a seasoned team with the technical chops, discipline, and creativity to execute that vision.

Whether you need a mobile application or that next social network… or just a powerful content managed website (that works), we’ve built it. Contact us today to see a sampling of what we’ve done for ivy league universities, big brands, and more—and learn what we can do for you.

A Handful of Our Digital Marketing Clients.

Whether you’re bringing the latest SaaS platform to market, changing your digital business model, or launching cool, new IoT-technology, we’ve helped a company just like yours succeed.

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