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“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”

— Sun Tzu —

Content Marketing Is Competitive

To attract customers, it used to be that you needed a website. Then you needed to show up in a directory or two. Then Google came along and spawned (gag) search engine optimization. Now, to be found organically, you need to pump out content. Lots of it. Why?

Because EVERYone is.

As marketers, we tend to latch onto trends that work. SEO (done right) worked for a long time. Mobile and social advertising are working. Content—blogs, infographics, videos—are all working really well. And, when something works, we all jump on it. And, if we’re all doing it, it’s going to get harder to succeed in making content that converts.

It’s not enough to develop a content marketing strategy in a vacuum. You have competitors, knowledge bases (like Wikipedia), and all manner of other content competing for your customers’ attention.

Consider a few elements that impact your content effectiveness:
  • Content quality – Google penalizes poorly written content (and so do humans)
  • Content depth and breadth
  • Content structure
  • Length of content
  • Content context and desirability
  • Embedded content (images, video, quotes)
  • Out- (and In-) bound Links
  • Age of content
  • Shareability

Competitive Analysis in Play

So, what happens if your competitors’ content is better quality, dives deeper into your industry subject matter, is more engaging, has been around longer than yours, or covers a broader spectrum of subject matter? If you haven’t conducted a competitive analysis, your content may not rise above your competitors’ content organically or socially—then there’s a good chance that no one is ever going to see it.

This exact problem drove our founder to spend 18 months researching, learning, exploring, and experimenting (on us) in an effort to develop a competitive analysis model that would help get content working again. At the end of that time, we had a framework we call Fringe Content Marketing, and we’ve helped turned that into an AI-driven tool, WeRave.io.

WeRave.io empowers us to accomplish the following:
  • Identify competitors (including “workarounds”)
  • Deeply analyze practically any company’s (competitor’s) content
  • Discover long-tail keyword value (# of competing pages x PPC cost vs. ease of rank)
  • Understand relationships between entities (subject matter) in your competitors’ content
  • Deliver valuable content and competitor insight to help guide you in developing the most valuable content
  • Drive research and content creation in tandem to deliver high-quality content, faster

Currently, we are the first and only agency with the WeRave.io framework and software. If you are looking to understand your competitors’ content marketing strategies while using this information to deliver content to your customers, talk to us about leveraging WeRave.io today.

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