Once Upon A Time, Inbound, Content & Digital Marketing…

…were fairytales that failed to deliver the results you expected—and no “happily ever after” was in sight.

If you’re tired of hearing the same old tales, you need to write your own story. Begin the first chapter today with MESH, and partner with a digital agency that helps you target high-value sources of growth while expanding and scaling your internal marketing expertise. 

The Digital Agency That Helps You Solve the Tough Marketing Problems

Shifting customer demand

You’re smack in the middle of a seismic shift: multiple buyers, evolving needs, and non-linear buying processes often result in an extended and complex sales cycle.

Understand your own worth

Facing this, you need to understand your prospects’ key challenges, and how to effectively communicate your unique value.

AI-driven Marketing Strategy

Through our proprietary combination of strategic marketing, branding, and technology, we’ll help you view and experience your service or product through your customers eyes, and market more effectively.

High accountability, few resources

The pressure on marketers to deliver results has never been higher. Yet, somehow most marketing activities continue to be underfunded and understaffed.

Maximize Your Resources

You want to deliver value, but you face constraints. You need to combine specific and appropriate marketing strategy and tactics with powerful marketing technologies.

Stop Responding and Start Transforming

Based on more than a decade of “MESHING” new technologies with evolving business strategies, we can help you digitally transform the way you do marketing—and the way you do business.

Too much data, too little insight

As marketers, we have unprecedented access to data. Demographic, psychographic, and more. That data is scattered across platforms, channels, profiles and more. And what does it tell you?

Start Knowing

Do you know what data you have and how to leverage it to drive strategy? How does your business collect, use, and gain usable, pragmatic insight?

Gain Actionable Insight

At MESH, we don’t like to “guess” or “hope”. We like to know. That’s why we’ve developed deep expertise and tools in analyzing and interpreting data, with a focus on the value-driven insights it can provide.

A Fully-Integrated, Digital Marketing Agency

At our core, MESH delivers the smartest integrated digital marketing, interactive creative, and content marketing possible. We were built to deliver amazing results, and we continue to do so today. We helped our first technology client achieve a staggering 7X growth in only 18 months—and we’d like to help you accomplish something similar. Learn more about how our digital marketing agency has helped a company just like yours.

A Digital Marketing Methodology That Really Works

Complex Sales Demand Thoughtful Strategy, Insight, and Tactics

Whether you’re leveraging digital marketing, content marketing, our account-based marketing, you’re facing two external variables that determine success or failure: your buyers—and your competitors.

Chances are, you know WHO your buyer is, but not WHY. We help you discover and analyze the market that is most in need of your product or service. We’ll help you discover the drivers of purchase and the intensity of your competitive landscape. And then we’ll help you create a strategy to address both, and generate leads your company will love.

Our Approach to Strategic Marketing—and Our Agency—Were Born from Need

MESH was started because of the experiences our team had as clients of various digital marketing agencies. We found that the multitude of options, vendors, and approaches created more confusion than solutions. We set out to create a truly integrated digital marketing agency that would easily and quickly bring most—if not all—of those areas under one umbrella, tightly interwoven (MESHed), and driven by a team comprised of client-side experts.

To that end, our digital agency develops advanced digital marketing strategies to influence the growth of brands across the globe—and down the street in Boston.

Sales Cycles are Long and Complex

Sales cycles today are non-linear; they weave, wind, and double back and what works for impulse buys just doesn’t translate into effective tactics in your space.

Marketing Software is Great, But it’s Not Enough

The most powerful tools in the world are all but useless if you don’t have the time to learn them, set them up, and interpret the data they provide you.

In Mature, Complex Markets, It’s Costly To Go Head-To-Head

Mature markets are highly competitive and there’s little room for growth. “Going with your gut” or what’s worked in the past, isn’t going to serve you.

Stop Waiting for

Your Key Accounts to Find You

Gone are the days when you could bang out 500 word blog posts, rank on Google, and rake in the new accounts. Today’s competitive market has businesses looking for new solutions that build relationships and drive account acquisition. MESH has built the tools, processes, and the team to help you develop your own unique solution to this challenge:


Determine what your key accounts want and need, what your competitors are focused on, and where your opportunity to engage lies. Our propriety platform, WeRave.io is an AI-driven platform and service that helps answer the tough questions.

Account-Based Marketing

Stop waiting for your best accounts to find you and start clearly defining them, build a strategy to win them over—and execute on that strategy. Our approach to ABM drives more tangible ROI and brings marketing and sales teams closer together.


Deliver 1-to-1 personalized sales and marketing experiences, automate repetitive tasks, and scale your marketing team without adding headcount. OttoPilot.io allows you to set tedious tasks on repeat so you can focus on the human side of digital.

Proprietary Insight Into Your Competitors’ Content Marketing Strategies


Sophisticated Content strategy for mature markets

Blogging in a vacuum just isn’t going to cut it. You need to understand what content is valuable to your accounts—and why.

Competitive Analysis for
long Sales Cycles

Your buyers are more educated about your industry than ever and if they aren’t getting their information from you, they’re probably getting it from your competitors.

Identify Your Competitors’
weak points & Content Gaps

Develop a deep understanding of what content your accounts need and at what point in the buying process, leveraging AI-driven insight into your competitors’ content strategies.


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Finally, “Right-Sized” Marketing AUtomation


Convert Anonymous Visitors to Opportunities

OttoPilot.io can identify and track visitors to your website, helping you convert them into “known” users, allowing you to deliver the right content to them.

Avoid Losing Opportunities

Understand what content your visitors are consuming and create personalized journeys for them to drive them towards “ideal account” status.

Reduce or Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Stop recreating the wheel and start automating email nurturing workflows to deliver personalized “touches” that help convert your audience into key accounts.

A Digital Marketing Agency

Built for Engineers & Technology

MESH provides technology companies with right-sized strategic marketing, creative brand, and website and custom application development solutions.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy

    We create and execute advanced digital and content marketing strategies that support your vision. By developing integrated marketing campaigns that leverage a sophisticated blend of content, advertising and account targeting, you’ll be sure that your value breaks through the clutter, and you connect with your audience and drive conversations—and conversions. Best of all, we educate our clients so that once we are done—if you want—you can continue to execute on your own.

  • Brand Development

    We take a holistic approach to branding, based on the idea that an effective brand is not just a “good logo”, but an emotional and connected experience. We help you define your vision, understand the meaning behind your brand–your brand “story”—and help make sure your brand is authentic. At the end of the day, we want your brand to clearly and confidently declare who and what you are.

  • Technology Implementation

    We start with your idea (or ours) and develop mind-blowing, competition knocking, kick-#$% websites and application experiences that drive customer interaction. Anyone can create a website these days, but it takes a seasoned team with the technical chops, discipline, and creativity to execute that vision.

B2B Technology Sales are Hard, Complex, and Saturated

What do you do when your entire market is doing the same thing? Change direction

Digital marketing is constantly re-inventing itself. What worked 20 years ago may not necessarily work today. Some digital marketing agencies were built by designers. Some were built by software developers.

MESH? We were created from day one with the idea that when you tightly integrate marketing strategy, good design, and cutting edge technology, you can deliver amazing experiences—and results.

We’ve successfully taken this approach and applied it to many technology and engineer-driven organizations just like yours. Here are some of those success stories.

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Our Mission

Serving Non-Profits

MESH’s mission drives nearly everything we do: and that is to positively impact 3,000,000 people around the world through advocacy, awareness and contribution.

Our Goal: 3M People Positively Impacted

Why 3 million? 3 is a magic number—amazing things happen in 3’s—especially here at MESH. When you sign up for a content marketing program, digital advertising engagement, or even “just” a logo or persona-driven website, you’re not just signing up for our unique process, you’re making a commitment to be part of a bigger mission: helping us to help those who need it.

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