Corporate Website Design and Development

Your site is the hub of most of your marketing efforts. Don’t let it look like the least of them.

“If there’s a bright center of the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.”

— Luke Skywalker —

Even If Your Website Use Is Limited, It’s Important

Whether you’re using your site primarily for recruiting or validation, or it’s actually the hub of a full-blown marketing program, the way your visitor interacts with your website directly impacts their experience and perception of you.

Just like wrecked jeans impact your impression when you’re expecting a suit. Or 5 days of growth when you really should have shaved (face OR legs). Whatever your metaphor of choice, your website makes an impression, and it’s SOOO easy to make sure that it’s the right one.

Consider these questions:
  • How often does a prospect or recruit visit your website before making a purchasing or hiring decision?
  • Is your website ever one of the first points of contact with prospects?
  • Does it take more than a click or two for the key decision maker to find the information they’re looking for?

If you’re struggling with the answer to any of these, you’re starting to realize just how important your website might actually be.

As the center of your company’s marketing universe, your website will play some (if not all) of the following roles:

  • Sales order or lead generation
  • Branding/validation
  • Thought leadership
  • Recruiting

Corporate Website Design and Development in Play

For more than a decade, MESH has helped clients design and develop exactly the right website for their needs. With nearly 300 corporate website design and development projects under our belts,

we have helped our clients create:
  • Content managed websites
  • Marketing microsites
  • Social media platforms
  • Subscription-based websites
  • eCommerce websites
  • Mobile-first websites

Our website design and development process has been refined over 15 years, and typically includes a complete solution including site strategy, project management, creative, launch. From initial digital strategy to ongoing support, we have all the bases covered.

If you need help planning, designing or developing your next corporate website, contact our team to learn about our unique customer-centric approach today.

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