Web Design Portfolio

User Experience, Interface, and Website Design and Develop

Reducing the Buyer’s Journey from Months to Minutes

MESH completely redesigned the user experience for Harvard Business School Online’s marketing website and online platform.

An adaptive, persona-driven, dynamic experience

MESH was engaged to design the user-experience and journey for Harvard Business School Online’s world-class international website. From journey mapping to content creation, and interactive wireframes to brand-driven site design, MESH provided a comprehensive and creative experience, including:

  • “Choose your own adventure” home page experience that evolves as the user makes choices

  • Development and refinement of 5 personas

  • Capture HBSO’s proprietary JTBD methodology

  • Complete remapping of content assets

  • UX / UI of final website

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Position InsurTech as Leading Insurance Partner

MESH was engaged to design and develop a completely new website for industry leader in insurance.

The Insurance industry re-imagined, inspired, and illustrated

Challenged with appealing to both global corporate partners and agile startups, InsurTech needed a website that straddled two worlds: capturing the reliability of a mature insurance partner while representing bleeding edge technology. We helped:

  • Develop a brand experience for small business customers while providing a more sophisticated, yet out-of-this-world, experience to it’s partners

  • Co-developed positioning and messaging

  • Created entire library of highly-detailed custom illustrations

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Repositioning Sequans as IoT Innovator

We were engaged to redesign and develop Sequans website 4x over 10 years.

From Privately Held, to Publicly Traded Leader

Sequans has retained MESH for nearly a decade to drive marketing, creative, and web-based technology. As part of this long-term relationship, we refresh Sequans’ corporate website every 18 – 24 months. As a public company, the requirements are much stricter than non-public company websites. Key components include:

  • Website is flexible enough to allow continuous evolution as they break into new markets

  • Key investor section

  • Marketing automation integration

  • Custom illustration and icon library for product families

  • Corporate overview video feature

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Capturing the True Value Technology Provides

MESH designed and developed BEI Networks’ website to more accurately differentiate the company in a highly competitive market.

When Everyone is Innovative, You Need Something Special

BEI Networks delivers some of the most brilliant high-density network planning and implementation in the market, supporting world-class stadiums. As a business, they’ve always wrestled with standing out in a market filled with less able competitors.

MESH helped BEI Networks reposition itself while showcasing the company’s ability to help key accounts meet the needs of their customers through a complete redesign and development of a new website. Components of the site include:

  • Smart “BE IN…” messaging

  • Jump start content marketing efforts

  • Flip messaging from inside out to outside in

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Living with KC: Deliver Critical Resources to Patients

MESH designed and developed Avedro’s Living with Keratoconus website to help patients make informed decisions when considering treatment for this rare condition.

Marketing for When You Can’t Market

Medical companies often don’t—or can’t—market directly to patients. MESH built LivingwithKC.com to help Avedro support patient education, awareness of the condition, and help in the decision making.

Beyond information on the condition, the site shares patient stories and outcomes to help those with Keratoconus understand it further. Mesh designed and built the site, which includes:

  • Interactive insurance guide

  • Corneal specialist locator

  • Patient resource library

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