Marketing Automation

Deliver 1-to-1 personalized sales and marketing experiences, automate repetitive tasks, and scale your marketing team without adding headcount.

“The way an aircraft flies – that is the way the strategy works. Most of the time the plane is on autopilot, and does a great job of flying itself. Every once in a while it is necessary for the pilot to jump in.”

— Roy Niederhoffer —

It’s Impossible to Juggle Everything

Everyone talks about how fast markets and technology evolve, but the underlying principles of marketing remain the same. We just need to do more of it, at a higher quality. Day-to-day tasks like creating and sending personalized nurture emails, following up with prospects, data entry, etc simply pile up until you find yourself with little time to focus on key accounts. Coupled with the fact that it’s easier than ever for potential buyers to take their business elsewhere and marketers today are literally drowning. 

When you layer this into the demand for highly personalized experiences with businesses and the common organizational gap between marketing and sales efforts, it becomes virtually impossible to run effective campaigns—let alone grow a business.

No wonder so many organizations struggle.

At the risk of sounding cliché, you know need to work smarter, not harder. You need to leverage the very technology that helped to set such high standards in an effort to automate repetitive tasks,  to bridge the disconnect between marketing and sales, and to put your campaigns on autopilot.

That’s exactly what we’re here to help you with.

Marketing Automation in Play

Automating your high-level marketing and sales processes opens up a lot of resources, allowing you to grow and focus on other areas of marketing. Long gone are the days of sending email after email trying to qualify and nurture leads—or wondering who is on your site and when. Now, you can put that process on autopilot, let prospects qualify themselves, and put a laser focus on those ready to make a decision.

Design and execute an automation strategy that will keep your contacts engaged and valued. Nurture them through the buying process by providing them with relevant value. Use their behavior to dictate what and when to communicate with them, and tailor the conversation specifically to their role and needs.

With Mesh’s Marketing Automation Platform, you can:
  • Capture more (and specific) information on your leads
  • Track anonymous visitors to your website and determine who they are
  • Eliminate human error from repetitive tasks
  • Avoid losing opportunities at different stages of the buyer’s journey
  • Highly personalize your communication
  • Watch your leads qualify themselves with scoring
  • Dynamically segment your audience based on interest and behavior
  • Re-engage with past customers as the sales cycle returns
  • Connect website activities directly to Salesforce to bring marketing and sales closer together

…all without lifting a finger (ok maybe you need to lift a finger—but not the one you’re thinking of).

Start freeing up your time to do the smart marketing work with MESH’s Marketing Automation today

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