Nashua Dares To Begin

by | Sep 27, 2013 | Branding

New Tag Line, Logo and Websites Communicate City’s Vitality 
to Individuals, Families, Tourists and Businesses

City of Nashua - Dare to BeginEarlier in the week, the City of Nashua held a very successful event to introduce its new “Dare to Begin” branding initiative to a group of enthusiastic residents and community advocates.

In yesterday’s article about the event, The Nashua Telegraph described the initiative as being “designed to blaze innovative new trails into Nashua’s future.”

We couldn’t agree more. The MESH team is honored to be able to say that it played a strategic role in the initiative, which conveys Nashua’s qualities as an ideal destination for individuals, families, tourists and businesses to live, work and play.

You can read more about the initiative in the Nashua Telegraph article.

A Historic Public Private Partnership

Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce - Dare to SucceedAs a strategic partner with the City of Nashua, the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce and participating local businesses, MESH Interactive was asked to develop and implement key components of the branding initiative. These included the “Dare to Begin” tag line, a new logo and website for the City of Nashua, and a new logo and website for the Chamber.

“The ‘Dare to Begin’ campaign is a historic opportunity to bring together the City, Chamber and local businesses in a unified campaign that will strengthen the economic vitality of the Greater Nashua community,” said Tom Galligani, City of Nashua Economic Development Director. “MESH has experience working with government, businesses and non-profits – all within the local community. That’s why the City decided to go with MESH for this branding initiative.”

According to Chris Williams, President and CEO of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, “It’s unique and exciting to see so many different companies and institutions coming together to support the branding initiative. This will exponentially strengthen and unify Nashua’s voice when seeking to attract new companies and workers to our region.”

The Chamber’s website is the first site to come online as part of the branding initiative. It is available here.

Nashua is a special place. We have some really talented people and some great companies. We want to do everything we can to keep them here, and attract more. It’s truly an honor to play a role in this very important initiative.

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