A 28 year-old global technology trade association trusted by the world’s largest enterprises, service providers and suppliers — including Orange, Ericsson, HP, and Verizon, was looking to expand attendance to its annual tech event—preferably reaching and appealing to a younger, more tech-savvy crowd.

Feeling pressure from other, more “agile” events, and facing a brand that was considered anchored in dated technology, the organization was challenged with not only reaching a new market, but discovering a new way of communicating with that market once they connected. Traditional means of broadcast marketing—even when used in new social channels, weren’t working.

In sending a single, generalized message to an audience of 7 industries, 5 management levels, 3 departments and along 3 tracks for the event, the organization was missing a tremendous opportunity to engage its community with personalized and relevant content. Further increasing the challenge, the organization was attempting to broaden its reach to younger, more agile technologists, while maintaining its brand with the C-suite—two communities with completely different needs, communications preferences, and influencers.


Initially engaged for a one-off marketing project, MESH quickly helped the marketing team realize that, in attempting to appeal to all audiences with a single communication, they were actually appealing to none. In addition, there was very little content readily available to leverage in attracting ideal attendees. We recommended taking a step back, analyzing the market, and developing a new approach to marketing.

The organization quickly engaged MESH in our Agile Content Marketing Strategic Methodology that lasted a short six weeks. Including a full day strategic session in our Boston-area offices, our team lead them through analyzing and understanding the group’s challenges: dated positioning and marketing methodologies, coupled with a fragmented audience.

MESH’s research showed the organization that different persona types consumed different types of communications, in a variety of styles, in different ways. The content the C-suite consumes is dramatically different than content consumed be a front-line manager. In addition, the concerns of a large financial institution like Bank of America can be dramatically different from those of a global communications leader like AT&T.


At the conclusion of our strategic engagement, MESH had identified 315 possible unique personas for TM Forum to target. (3 offerings x 7 industries x 5 levels of management x 3 departments = 315 unique personas).

This being an astronomical number of personas for any business to target MESH narrowed it down to 7 key personas to drive the content marketing program. At the end of the day, MESH created a long-form content marketing program–leveraging marketing automation–that was targeted to specific audience profiles – VPs and Director level executives. We then partnered with the organization to drive tactical execution of the campaign, including:

  • Industry and Market Research
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Adaptive Persona Development
  • Buyer Journey Development
  • Company Positioning
  • Message Mapping / Messaging Playbook
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Generation Support for Telesales
  • Creative Graphic Design
  • Social Strategy and Content Distribution
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Microsite Development
  • Video Creation
  • Email Marketing (including A/B testing)
  • Digital Advertising
  • Retargeting
  • Infographic Creation

We identified key content that had been “locked away” and could be repurposed to use as value-added educational content to entice prospective attendees to engage.

Calls-to-action focused on downloading these white papers, case studies, and proprietary thought-leadership reports. Digital and print ads were created through industry media and partner channels, retargeting ads and regional media outlets. Infographics were created to tell the visual story of the “day in the life of an attendee” and reasons to attend event.

We developed a promo video that combined real life stories combined with animation to help tell the story behind the brand and event. Additionally, we were able to capture attendees’ stories on video, live during the event, creating a library of interactive and evergreen content that can be leveraged for upcoming events.


Through our adaptive long-form content marketing strategic process, Senior Leadership was able to understand and see the value of content marketing over strictly traditional paid and short form content approaches. Content created by MESH Interactive was leveraged by industry leaders like Ericsson, EMC2 and SIGMA, to help drive awareness.

The change in strategy resulted in significant increase in C-suite engagement, drove registrations to ultimately meet attendance goals, and the campaign met the high-end of industry standards for ROI:

  • Increased website sessions month over month by 142%
  • Increased daily traffic by 250%
  • Increased LinkedIn Social engagement by 206%
  • Increased Facebook Social engagement by 101%
  • Achieved Email Open Rate 12.7%, CTR 2.5%

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