Increased Qualified Sales Leads Through Persona-Driven Content StrategY


An Australian-based technology startup with a focus in developing and manufacturing digital over-the-ear and in-the-ear headsets for use with two-way radio and Bluetooth communication devices was facing a dramatic shift in the way it brought products to market in the US. Historically, the company had grown through direct sales, and had recently made the strategic decision to move to a distributor model.

This presented the organization with a number of challenges. These included:

  • Limited content focused on distributors
  • Limited SEO-friendly content (2 – 3 years of generic 500 word blog posts) that didn’t help organic lead generation
  • Disconnection between marketing and sales
  • Content/channel misalignment
  • No lead generation process
  • No documented content strategy
  • No competitive positioning

While the company’s product was more advanced and exclusive than many competitors, lack of connecting products benefits and features to customer’s specific needs prevented the company from capitalizing on it’s unique value proposition.


MESH was initially engaged to write, develop and market a product launch video for the company’s latest product. During that process, we identified a number of challenges surrounding creation of the content, and how it would be distributed to their target buyer.

In conducting market research and analysis, we identified opportunities for more targeted and strategic communications, long form content creation (right message to right buyer at the right time), and better alignment between their sales and marketing teams by leveraging their marketing automation platform. We even directly engaged their (very) active Board of Directors in developing the content marketing strategy, including new tactics, like retargeting.

One area of improvement we helped them identify was identification of the buyer. Traditionally they created most of their content for manufacturing or production floor managers. In conducting our analysis, we helped them understand that safety planners and buyers were key individuals in the buying cycle, and that content needed to be created for them.


Upon delivery of our analysis, we were engaged to develop and execute an integrated marketing strategy to generate brand awareness and thought leadership, ultimately generating inbound leads for sales.

MESH worked with the Marketing Manager and Executive Director of Sales to gain an understanding of the ideal target customer and developed three initial buyer personas, buyers’ journey, targeted audience messaging and leveraged a strategic, keyword focused content plan to increase organic lead generation and drive engagement. In addition, we helped them define a lead generation process from first point of contact through to handoff of a qualified lead to the international sales team.

We immediately shifted their blog content from product-centric to customer-centric, providing an educational story-narrative that was more engaging to the reader – organized in coherent groups and less salesy. Content was keyword optimized based on the audience’s needs and wants that were identified in our unique adaptive persona and buyer’s journey development. Calls-to-action were added to each post to increase engagement with customers and prospects to ultimately generate quality leads for sales.

Finally, we put together a strategic plan to leverage white papers and other long-form content to further drive prospects through the sales funnel


Within the first week of engagement the first blog article MESH authored had an immediate increase in readership engagement. Over the next 7 – 8 months they experienced:

  • 10X increase in blog views
  • 200% increase in contacts from referrals
  • 138% increase in visits from social
  • 120% increase in contacts from organic search
  • 10% increase in visits from organic

Nearly every monthly blog post created by MESH resulted in a top 3 first page ranking on Google.

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