SaaSCo is a seven-year-old start up with offices in Canada and China. Faced with flagging international sales, mixed messages, and no US sales, SaaSCo was struggling. Having tried a number of marketing strategies, tactics and agencies over the years, SaaSCo approached MESH to launch and execute a new digital marketing strategy.


MESH initially conducted an audit and analysis of SaaSCo’s existing marketing efforts. After a month-long review, MESH identified three critical areas to address. Messaging was product (not customer) centric, new content was not being generated, and paid advertising campaigns were ineffective.

In addition, key lead generation tools were failing, or so misaligned with customer needs that they were completely inadequate. The CEO’s executive presentation lacked flow, cohesion and a compelling story that was relevant to prospects. The company website had no content that clearly guided a buyer through a journey—or even explained the value the product brought to them. A Google Adword campaign was set up based on SaaSCo-centric keywords—and not based on prospect search needs.

MESH built an agile digital content marketing strategy that factored in:

  • International soft reboot of SaaS platform
  • Audience/persona identification and development
  • Buyer journey mapping
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Lead generation

One key insight MESH provided during the process was that SaaSCo, who previously believed that integrations with SAP and Oracle were a benefit to the sales process, was actually killing deals with this approach. While enterprise-level integration is a tremendous benefit to buyers, including it early in the sales process was landing deals in target prospects’ IT departments, effectively killing hot opportunities. MESH removed this reference (enterprise integration was not necessary), developed the company’s story and value proposition, and deployed a robust and aggressive content marketing strategy.


The space that SaaSCo plays in is an extremely competitive landscape—sometimes changing monthly—demanding both SaaSCo and MESH to adapt to competition quickly. As part of our ongoing monthly engagement, MESH continues to drive marketing for SaaSCo, regularly revising messaging, offers and tactics to address this dynamic market.

For SaaSCo, MESH took a pay-to-promote content approach. By generating quality content and creating PPC campaigns that drive traffic to SaaSCo’s blog, promoting premium content to visitors, and retargeting those visitors, MESH has been able to create a lead generation engine that continues to deliver high quality results.

Key areas we manage and engage include:

  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Persona development
  • Buyers’ journey
  • Messaging
  • Paid advertising (PPC)
  • Remarketing
  • Long-form content creation
  • Ghost writing for blog
  • Case studies
  • Lead nurturing campaign
  • Marketing landing pages
  • Website relaunch
  • Social media management
  • Sales enablement tools


The results have been dramatic for SaaSCo. Almost immediately following our initial engagement, SaaSCo began receiving legitimate leads. By paying to market content, qualified traffic has been created, resulting in true lead generation for the company. SaaSCo received more online leads in two weeks than it had in the entire previous two years.

MESH’s long-form content has also resulted in the company achieving not only highly successful PPC campaigns, but top results in organic search as well.

Lastly (and not in any way insignificant), the CEO’s executive presentations have started generating active conversations with decision-makers, another dramatic improvement for the company.

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