After seven years in business, and $5 million in annual sales, and no content marketing program in place, Advanced Combustion Technologies reached a plateau. Over the previous two years they had been trying to introduce a new product into the market that would substantially reduce emissions for public sector clients, at a fraction of the cost of competitors’ solutions.

While ACT’s product delivered superior results at a much lower price tag than competitors, one problem they faced was an inability to generate leads for their sales team. None of their efforts to get the attention of procurement decision makers seemed to work.


MESH was engaged to develop an account-based marketing lead generation program leveraging cutting edge marketing automation technology that targeted key accounts and leveraged personalized direct marketing, drip communications and unique campaign landing pages. During the process, we realized there was a substantial barrier: the company’s brand was so at odds with market expectations, and that first impressions were standing in the way of sales conversations.

In response, the company engaged MESH in a complete brand and communications overhaul. Including logo, sales collateral, marketing materials and the website—nothing was safe. The company had originally branded under a bold and powerful black and red color palette—exactly contrary to the green, technology-driven solution they were providing. Sales materials were company (not customer centric), and the website had been developed based on a simple and generic template used widely.


MESH took a holistic 360 degree view of the entire sales challenge. We put together a six-pronged account-based marketing solution to help launch ACT’s product and develop sales. This included creating a digital and content marketing plan, rebrand, website, sales collateral, trade show materials, and a direct marketing campaign.

The marketing plan called for examining the product itself, and how it was being presented to prospects, identifying the needs of the market, and increasing leads for sales. Previous efforts focused on very technical data, and didn’t include punchy bites of key information, including the potential reduction of emissions (up to 85%), the low cost (under $1 Million for a complete solution), and the ease of installation or upgrade—all of which were key triggers for their prospects. ACT had an extremely environmentally-friendly solution at a low cost that was easy to implement.

What the team needed was initial exposure, engagement and awareness so that when their sales team connected with prospects, bid on projects, and visited possible client sites, potential buyers would recognize the company, have an understanding of the value and technology ACT brought to the table, and have a positive impression of their products and capabilities. We put together a marketing plan to do this, as well as start generating leads. We set up a monthly direct marketing campaign that would go out to a targeted list of prospects. After a short period, sales would follow up with a call or an email. In addition they would pursue any leads generated from the campaign.

The entire campaign was managed and conducted through a powerful marketing automation platform, allowing us to develop and test messaging, create personalized offers, and track prospect progress through the campaign.


Through our combined ABM and adaptive long-form content marketing process, Senior Leadership was able to understand and see the value of content marketing over strictly traditional paid and short form content approaches. 

Within 2 years, sales increased from $3M to $21M in revenue, leading ultimately to ACT’s acquisition by a larger company.

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