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Is Your Marketing Automation Platform GDPR Compliant?

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Marketing Automation, Marketing Technology

The clock is quickly ticking toward May 25, 2018 – the date when the European Union’s (EU’s) General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR begins. With fines soaring as high as €20,000,000–nearly $25M–for violations, make sure your Marketing Automation platform is ready for this looming deadline.

While the tools you depend on to reach your audiences solve a lot of your marketing challenges, sometimes they can also give you a headache. This overview on GDPR compliance and common Marketing Automation platforms is our ‘intervention’ so your head doesn’t hurt.

Background of How GDPR Impacts Your Data Collection

When GDRP goes into effect in May, it changes how you can, legally, use data from prospects and customers living in the EU, even if you’re based anywhere else on the planet.

With fines up to €20,000,000 (that’s nearly $25,000,000), they aren’t messing around. The GDPR specifically requires your processing and handling of personal data be based on consent. Your requests for consent to collect data must be clearly explained. And, you will also need to keep extremely accurate records of your activities pertaining to that prospect and customer data.

Whether you’re an in-house marketer, consultant, or digital marketing agency, you’re facing the same challenge: the platforms you use to market to people living in the EU and how you use their data need to be evaluated very carefully. Marketing Automation platforms, especially, need to address these concerns since they’re specifically designed to collect information (for you) on a contact and use that to personalize your marketing campaigns.

"With great power, comes great responsibility." Ben Parker, Spiderman

GDPR Status of Popular Marketing Automation Platforms

All-in-all, it looks like most major platforms have efforts well underway to make sure they–and you–will be compliant for the changes under the GDPR.

While the EU already has data protection regulations in place, today they are only applicable for businesses operating within the EU. Now, with a more globalized online ecosystem, you need to work with your Marketing Automation vendor(s) to make sure they’re allowing you to collect, manage, and protect personal data appropriately.

GDPR Compliance Checklist

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Let’s look at some common Marketing Automation platforms being used today and see how they are focused on compliance for the GDPR deadline:

Marketo – Will Be Compliant

According to their website, the Marketing Automation giant is committed to being compliant by the May 25th deadline. They’re also working on building tools within their dashboard to help customers remain in compliance while using the system.

Hubspot – Will Be Compliant

As one of the largest automation platforms, it isn’t surprising that Hubspot is working to make sure they are compliant by the deadline, as well. They state that their product, security, and legal teams will be announcing changes as they are deployed.

SharpSpring – Will Be Compliant

SharpSpring is currently working to implement necessary changes to their system to make sure they are compliant by May 25th. They state that no changes will need to be made by their customers, which is nice. They also recommend reaching out to any other providers within your technology stack for guidance on how to be ready for GDPR.

Pardot and Demandware – Will Likely Be Compliant

Pardot and Demandware are strangely quiet on the topic of GDPR, at least publicly. They are in a unique situation, however, as part of the Salesforce family of software. Salesforce has stated multiple times they are committed to being GDPR compliant, so it’s likely that will include their automation platform, as well.

Oracle Eloqua – Will Be Compliant

Over on the Oracle side of the automation platform space, Oracle Eloqua looks to be on track with being compliant by the deadline. Their platform has built-in privacy and security features to help customers be in control and build trust.

Infusionsoft – Will Be Compliant

Another provider that has been diligently preparing for GDPR compliance is Infusionsoft. They state that they are dedicated to data protection and intend to comply with their GDPR obligations by the May deadline. – Will Be Compliant

MESH’s marketing automation platform will be compliant by the May 25th deadline. Data protection and security is something we take seriously and fully support. Regulations like the GDPR should be embraced for the good of the internet and its integrity.

If you’re thinking that GDRP may slow the growth of your contact lists and your ability to communicate with customers in the EU, you’re probably right. With that said, if you’re creating genuine value that generates an honest level of trust in the minds of your audience(s), you’re going to have a much more loyal base that truly believes in what you’re trying to do for them.

MESH is here to help you with your marketing preparations for GDPR compliance. Get started today and download your copy of our GDPR Readiness ‘Quick Guide’.

If you need more information about your GDRP and Marketing Automation efforts, let’s talk!

GDPR Compliance Checklist

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