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Introduction: 365 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2016

by | Aug 29, 2016 | eBook, MeshLabs

I’m riding shotgun with my Mac on my lap and trying not to get car sick, while looking at a blank page with the ‘Lorem Ipsum’ Lisa, our Senior Designer, put in place for character count reference peeking at me from another window, and I’m looking for inspiration. The twisted part of me wants to leave it in, but most of you don’t know my sense of humor, or have reasonable context for the joke. So I’ll stick with the quick and the dirty.

About 9 months ago, I was looking for our next big content creation idea. In 2014 we created the 2015 Periodic Table of Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends, last year we created the Interactive Content Marketing Statistics Infographic. This year I wanted something that showed off a little more of our strategic thinking, while still showcasing our creative side. Both of these would need to be supported with some smart tech.

I wanted to do an eBook that’s a little different than a lot of what we’re seeing out there today. Ours has to be bigger. And better. And useable. So many eBooks these days are self-promo pieces. So, to get bigger, we chose to curate most of the content from email experts from all walks of life. To make it better, we spent a lot of time pre-repurposing the content so you could easily tweet, and pin those tips you really find valuable—and we made it easy to share. Finally, we added our own few tips in as well.

I truly hope you’re able to use this as a resource. The main tips come in the form of quotes from the experts, along with some practical commentary on how you can apply their insight.

One final note: we will not be gating this—ever, even though present marketing convention declares that we must. We want you to have unfettered access to the best and brightest email marketing tips from the smartest and most creative minds in the industry.

Enjoy, and tweet me with your thoughts.


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