Accelerate Sales with Interactive Video

Create two-way, dynamic content experiences that create natural participation, improve qualification, and drive growth.

Accelerate Sales with Interactive Video

Create two-way, dynamic content experiences and conversion machines that create natural participation, improve qualification, and drive growth.

Enable sales teams and replace lost opportunities (like Trade Shows and F2F experiences) with new business.

Companies that trust us for brand building, interactive, video, and/or marketing:
Brands that trust MESH for brand building, interactive, video, and/or marketing:

Engage, Learn, and Sell When You Can’t Be Right There with Them.

Today: Everyone’s On Video.

People are distracted—buying from you might not always be their top priority.

You face a lot of competition—anyone who wasn’t doing video in the last 3 months, is now.

Not only that, but more email invites and Linkedin connections are being made than ever, while response is DECLINING. 

Your sales team needs NEW and DIFFERENT experiences and channels to add value to prospects.

It’s time for you to change the game.

Tomorrow: Stand Apart.

Your customers don’t want to be sold to, they want control.

They crave connection, authenticity, and personalization. They want to have an active role in the conversation. And they want it to be easy. 

Interactive video tells your buyers that they’re in control, they choose their path and journey, and they determine what’s important.

And you can empower them to choose information, features, and solutions THEY’RE interested in. 

Stop competing and start selling with beautiful, rich interactive video experiences today.

Interactive Video Used to Be Just for Big Brands.

These are a few well-known brands who’ve successfully used interactive video to build brands, empower customers, and drive sales.

interactive video is now possible for the rest of us.

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Your Prospects Choose Their Own Journey.

Put them in the driver’s seat and consume the content that is most relevant to them—and to you.

View Two More Samples of Interactive Video:

What is Interactive Video?

Interactive Video Response—lets you guide prospects down multiple paths—and lets them choose the path that’s personalized and most relevant to them.  It’s powered by interactive buttons, hot spots, forms fields and more, to create a seamless and engaging experience.

Replace the lost F2F In-person sales.

Modeled after best-in-class sales behavior and strategy, interactive video empowers you to engage your prospects with SPECIFIC/RESULT-oriented questions and decision points. Then, CUSTOMIZE your responses and content based on the answers viewers give and the choices they make.

Interactive Video Works.

The numbers tell the story. Everyone is doing video now, and companies that level of their video capabilities see the benefits.


Interactive Video can Increase Conversions Up to 83%


Interactive Video Increases Order Value Up to 23%


Businesses Who Use Video Grow 49% Faster Than Those Who Don’t


Interactive Video Can Drive Up to 380% Increase in CTA Clicks


After Watching Video, 64% of Viewers are More Likely to Buy


90% of Web Users Say a Product Video Helps the Decision Process


Cuts Customer Acquisition Costs Up to 50%


24% of Marketers and Leading Global Brands Already Use Them

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What Can You Accomplish with Interactive Video?

And accelerate sales journeys and learning paths

Tailored follow-up sales communications

Speed Up
Customer and sales onboarding

Customer experience CX

Your conversion platforms

Your opt-in list faster

Viewer engagement and conversions

Customers get the most out of your products or solutions

Legacy content

Purchase triggers and behaviors by collecting and segmenting critical marketing data

Buzz around upcoming events

Or eliminate video drop off

Some of the Ways You Can Drive Sales with Interactive Videos.

Interactive Sales Videos

Product & Feature Demo Videos

App Demo Videos

Customer Onboarding Videos

HR & New Hire Onboarding Videos

Sales Onboarding Videos

Customer Service & FAQ Videos

Explainer & How It Works Videos

Video Infographics

Contests & Gamification

Patient Engagement Videos

Training Program & Course Videos

Tutorial Videos

Soft Skill Content Development Videos

Compliance Training Videos

Interactive PowerPoint Videos

Virtual Reality Walkthrough Videos

Quizes & Assessments

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Who It’s For:

Sales Teams

Looking to replace channels like trade shows and in-person demos.

Sales Enablement

Working towards building sales tools that cut through the noise of typical sales videos.

Digital Marketers

Seeking new ways to drive lead generation, engagement, and nurturing.

Business Leaders

Building innovative companies and wanting to use every opportunity to build their brand story.

Talent Development Pros

Creating engaging and sticky in-house training programs.

Customer Success Teams

Driving accelerated customer onboarding programs.

How It Works:


Free Interactive Video Consultation

See if interactive video is right for your sales enablement, training, or marketing challenge.


Develop your strategy & Map your Interactive Customer Journey

Get your brain started with one of our Quickstart Micro Funnel Campaign Templates. Start simple, or push the technology to its limits out of the gate: it’s up to you. 


Gather & Create Assets

Combine existing videos from ALMOST ANYWHERE including PowerPoints, photos, videos and animations,  with new content to create amazing experiences. 



We help you develop branches and story optimization that result in a fully interactive customer experience. Nearly any web-based interaction—from capturing email subscriptions to fully interactive storytelling—is possible.  



Once published, track the results for campaign optimization and retargeting campaigns with industry-standard analytics and reporting tools. 

What’s Included:

There’s so much more to interactive video than point and shoot.

  • Interactive Customer Journey
  • Strategy
  • Script Writing
  • Custom Illustration
  • Interactive Storyboarding
  • Kick #$% 2D Animation
  • Professional Voiceover
  • Quick Project Turnaround
  • Unlimited Revisions


  • Integration with Your Marketing Automation Platform
  • Additional Language Versions
  • Subtitles
  • and more…

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