Interactive Periodic Table of 2015 Marketing Trends and Predictions

by | Mar 18, 2015 | Interactive Marketing, Marketing Strategy

Phew. Well that’s done. 2 months of research, design, development, creative, marketing, copywriting, fact-checking, hand-wringing, alcohol and it’s finally live. We’re going to go downstairs and have a margarita (or 8) to celebrate now.

But before we do, I want to take a moment to explain what this is, why we built it, and what it hopefully means to some of us in the digital marketing community.

First, what is it?

What we hope we’ve created is a resource for marketers that pulls some hot 2015 marketing trends and predictions from leading experts into one gorgeous graphic dashboard for desktop and tablet users (we’re still up in the air as to if it makes sense to make this mobile—ironic when one of the trends is to think mobile first—but then it loses the Periodic Table structure—so TBD for now).

We’ve culled the predictions and trends for 2015 into elements on the table from some of the most widely respect sources—and some not-so-well known ones, in an effort to provide marketers with a resource for inspiration, news, and content. Sources include Neil Patel over at Quick Sprout, Cindy King and a host of experts over at Social Media Examiner, Ryan Holmes at Hootsuite and many, many more (we originally posted a list of sources 2 months ago, but we’ll be updating that shortly).

The elements are organized into 10 groups ranging from Video to Social, and Big Data to Fun Trends. We’ve summarized the trends, and provided some takeaways for each. Each element features the source (or sources) allowing you to dig a little deeper into the larger conversation. We’re also actively curating content by pulling in recent tweets and blogs that feature each of the trends (we apologize if the occasionally completely irrelevant tweet or blog shows up—shocking what shows up when you put the word “selfie” into Google or Twitter search). We’ve taken some steps to alleviate that—but no automation is perfect.

We built this because we at MESH suffer the same problem you do: “what do I talk about today?”. Marketing is a whole big, wide world, and sometimes having so much to talk about creates more of challenge than you would think. So, in researching the idea of publishing “22 marketing trends for 2015” in December and in doing a quick Google search returned a jillion existing blog posts, I decided that maybe curating the trends would be one way to start tackling this.

In thinking of ways to organize and visualize all the information out there, the Periodic Table of Elements came up—and while it’s a widely used metaphor—it really is quite perfect for marketing. If you think about it, the real Periodic Table of Elements gives you a little information on each element, and hints at what you could do if you combine 2 or more of the elements. We hoped this table would inspire us to perform a similar exercise. It did that for us, and more.

When we published the original static version, one of our developers took the graphic, played with it for an hour, and called me over. He had made the elements clickable. Almost instantly, the possibilities expanded before me, and the idea of making this a deeper, evergreen resource appeared. And, as I asked myself WHAT would make this a useful tool for me (and a few of you), the definitions, the sources, current tweets and blogs all just fell into place.

We hope you will visit this table once a week or so, click around, get some inspiration, visit the sites of those who are the resources for the table, and explore the tweets and blogs that are happening in the moment—all in an effort to help you develop your strategy for the year, or your next campaign, or just in an effort to expand your horizons.

This is version 1.0, and I would gladly hear your feedback, comments and suggestions (yeah, we’ll probably make a mobile version in a different form factor). So, DM me directly at @billschick on twitter. I’d love to hear from you.


Oh, and PS: please share 🙂

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