Your Full Service Digital Marketing Agency For When Things Get… Complicated

Marketing leaders with complex challenges love our unique—and boutique—approach to combining Account-Based, Content, Paid, Creative, and (phew) Digital Marketing.

Don’t take our word for it. Hear what your fellow marketers say about our work—and their results. 


“When we engaged MESH to support our sales enablement programs for our key Cloud Partners, we had a good idea of what we needed to accomplish: the development of a flexible and agile sales toolkit.

Very quickly, MESH was able to help my team identify key opportunities to expand this initiative into a best-in-class sales support system. Beginning with an Adaptive Persona Refinement Workshop and an Asset Audit, they developed our Cloud Partner messaging strategy, positioning, sales scripting, marketing automation email and workflows, and more. Detail-driven and responsive, I highly recommend MESH as a digital agency to any marketer who is looking to build value with their Sales team.”


Global Senior Marketing Manager — Cloud

A key aspect of any digital marketing initiative is driving valuable content, tools, and leads to your sales team. Our marketing agency will help you align your marketing and sales efforts in meaningful ways.

Account-Based Marketing for Complex Sales

Evolving is growing and we wanted the external perspective of a digital marketing agency on how to brand, position, and market our newly integrated solutions.

We contracted MESH to help us build a comprehensive Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy that included developing a new brand, advanced messaging platform, and deep competitive analysis and positioning. Coupled with their unique approach to sales enablement, this ABM strategy is exactly what we needed.


EVP, Corporate Development & M&A

 A content marketing agency alone isn’t going to work for every B2B technology company. Some companies have a significantly more complicated sales cycle and need a more sophisticated approach, like MESH’s ABM.

World-class Creative for COMPLEX BRANDS

“Over the past 15 years I have worked with dozens of marketing agencies. MESH Interactive is the only digital agency to care as much about my business and my goals as I do. Their team took the time to understand our strategy with the business unit at Lycos and delivered results that not only looked great, but helped us move our business forward. We were able to reach new clients and maintain a presence in their minds.

That was years ago, and I still work with MESH today, as they continue to deliver above and beyond. At Google, MESH designed an intensely creative physical installation helping us celebrate our diversity, which was eventually followed by a gorgeous video infographic that welcomes visitors to the Cambridge Campus. The marketing team at MESH is top notch.” 


 Manager, Acquisition Security Engineering

Content marketing is only as good as the first impression it makes—and many times—your first impression might be your only shot at connecting with a prospect. Our digital agency’s creative team will lead you to develop the most compelling—and engaging brand, content and sales assets possible.

SOPHISTICATED 1-to-1 Marketing Automation

“TM Forum is a global, member-driven organization with tens of thousands of members, ranging from global leaders to agile startups. Built during an era of mass-marketing, our internal marketing team was tasked with developing a modern approach to marketing and communication, including marketing automation.

I brought MESH in to develop our entire campaign strategy, executed on nearly every facet of it. Gorgeous videos, a flurry of emails, digital and print ads, social, infographics–you name–they did it. What really blew me away was the way they dug in and pushed us to send not just one message to everyone, but to take time to segment our audience groups 3x7x4, resulting in 84 unique segments! I’ve never seen anything a digital marketing agency set up the marketing automation workflows the way they did, and the huge boost in web traffic, awareness and social engagement were outstanding.”



Gone are the days when you and your digital marketing agency can broadcast one message to every prospect and expect any ROI. MESH can help you understand the appropriate way to segment your prospects, how to create compelling content and messaging for each of those segments, and build creative marketing automation workflows to drive results.

Integrated and Innovative Growth-driven Marketing

“For nearly a decade, Sequans has evolved and grown significantly. From a small band of engineers serving global telcos and device-makers with 4G technology, we’ve built our operations and team, taken the company public, and expanded into new markets like the Internet of Things.

During that time, MESH has been instrumental in the development and expansion of Sequans’ brand positioning and marketing campaigns, demonstrating a high degree of creativity and knowledge of technology marketing. MESH has worked side by side with us every step of the way and has been very creative, dependable, and responsive.”


Associate Marketing Manager

It can be hard for digital agencies to demonstrate ROI with more complex sales. MESH specializes in creating, executing, and supporting growth-based marketing programs with an eye on ROI.


“I’ve been CMO at companies that range from seed round startups and circa $100M venture funded startups, to large publicly held global brands. Successes have ranged from delivering market rebrands, turnarounds, aggressive growth (300%), and exits (c.$200M). 

Included in these were Boston-based Veveo (acquired by ROVI/TiVO), Move Networks (acquired by EchoStar), Ankeena (Acquired by Juniper), RAMP (Media Business Unit Acquired by Cxense ASA), MindMeld (acquired by Cisco), and ROVI/TiVO. It is always critical that I have the right digital marketing agency to support my vision and I have relied on MESH for branding, design, content creation, and website design and development. They have been a consistently strategic, creative, and reliable partner—and continue to be so.”


Chief Marketing Officer & Strategic Advisor

Among other things, marketing agencies help you shape perception which, in turn shapes reality. When positioning a company for a new chapter, branding, design, and creative content help shape that perception in a compelling and effective way, and lays the groundwork for a company’s success. 

Strategic Guidance for New Markets

“Before we received FDA approval for our latest product, our team was focused on marketing internationally—and all of our assets were geared toward that market.

In bringing in MESH to support us in what was essentially a U.S. market launch for a new product, we sought expert guidance on content marketing and paid promotion, the full patient journey, and a variety of supporting marketing tactics. From developing patient-centric messaging and content to building an interactive patient experience, MESH has provided us exactly the strategic guidance and creative support we needed—when we needed it.”


Associate Marketing Manager

If you are launching a new or existing product in a new market—or in a new way—our digital agency will help you develop the right strategy and execute on the appropriate marketing tactics.