Job to be Done Methodology

Develop a deep understanding of WHY your customers buy your product or service.

“I’m not smart, but I like to observe. Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who asked why.”

— William Hazlitt —

What Caused the Apple to Fall?

Or, more relevant to you, why do your customers buy from you instead of your competitor?

If you’re anything like most of our clients, you might answer this with some variant of customer service, product attribute, or maybe even “we’re innovative in our space”.

But, B2B customers don’t buy for those reasons. When was the last time YOU bought a product because the company was “innovative”?

You bought the product or service because you had a specific need. Maybe you needed to track sales leads in one place. Maybe you needed to merge data from 3 different data sets. Maybe you needed your taxes completed quickly. Regardless, you started with a need, or a job to be done (JTBD).

In many cases, our clients have an idea of who their buyer is, but not exactly WHY they buy.

They haven’t had the resources or frameworks to discover the JTBD, and focus more on markets, personas, and channels. The thing is, when you know WHY your customers buy from you, you can start to repeat and scale that success across the business, marketing, and sales functions.

When developing a business, marketing, or sales strategy, it’s important to examine your product or service through the eyes of your customer and their specific need. So, while companies, products, and technologies come and go, people inevitably face the same problems over and over—and those almost never go away.

Job to Be Done in Play

Rather than focus on the particular attributes of your solution that might be appealing to a persona, we believe that in understanding your buyers’ deep needs and problems they are trying to solve, you can position yourself in a way that leads them directly to you—and only you.

At MESH, we focus on discovering and maximizing the 4 key components of JTBD:
  • Discovering what “job” your customers are looking to get done (their need), and the problems they are trying to solve.
  • Examining and developing the experiences associated with buying the product (sales, marketing, customer service).
  • Expanding and enhancing those experiences to provide an integrated solution for the buyer.
  • Creating a purpose-built brand that buyers think of when they need to solve their problem.

By closely working with our clients to discover, develop strategy, and execute on these 4 elements, we are able to better support key sales and marketing needs and drive better customer results across all levels of business.

So, whether you’re building the next tablet or working on the next theory in regard to motion, we can help you understand what challenges and unmet needs your customers are looking to solve for, and how you can leverage that data to develop an unbeatable marketing strategy.

Learn how you can discover and leverage your customers’ unique Job to be Done

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