Digital Marketing Strategy

Moving the needle begins here.

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

— Frank Zappa —

What’s the Best Way to Invest My Marketing Dollars?

We hear this all the time.

It’s such a deceptively simple question. Seems like it should be easy to answer, right? Should I advertise on Facebook? Should I blog more? How much? What part of my marketing should I outsource, if any? Do I spend $3,000 on a marketing video, or just get one of those $500 whiteboard animations—what can it hurt—right?

In reality, no two companies are exactly the same, and so a digital marketing strategy that works for one company may cause the next to fail miserably. That’s why it pays to do your homework. Every. Single. Time.

Why? Let’s consider the questions that a proper marketing strategy would answer. These should include:

  • What are your goals and how do you measure them? (KPIs and Metrics)
  • What are you selling? (Product/Service, Profit Model)
  • What problem are you solving? (Job to be Done)
  • How do people choose your solution to do the job? (Competitive Analysis)

We’re not saying that you should do no digital marketing until we’ve helped you answer these questions—there is typically some amount of low-hanging/education fruit/guesses that can be tackled early in the marketing strategy development. But, you need to answer these questions—and not while isolated in a back office somewhere (no matter how Google-ish or creative that office is). Get out in front of clients. Get out on the street. Pick up the phone. Talk to people. Ask them questions and learn about them.

Digital Marketing Strategy in Play

Marketing activity conducted without a marketing strategy is like going to the grocery store without a list.

You’re sure to get some of what you need—but you’ll probably miss a few things that you REALLY need, and end up going home with some stuff you don’t. That might be fine with a $100 grocery bill, but it’s not so fine when you need to report those results to your CEO—or better yet—your board. And that’s where we can help you out. When you engage us to develop your digital marketing strategy, we focus on developing the following elements:

  • Understanding the “Job to be Done”
  • Adaptive Persona Research and Creation
  • Competitive Analysis with MESH’s
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Buyers’ Journey Mapping
  • Content Marketing Messaging and Positioning Statement
  • Content Mapping
  • Fringe Content Analysis and Strategy
  • Content Distribution Strategy

MESH’s proprietary digital marketing process includes using a few tools and processes that uniquely help us identify your digital marketing opportunities, your competitors’ content strategies, and appropriate blends for digital marketing.

That’s what we do.

PS: unless you’re selling $5/month SAAS, that whiteboard video is a terrible idea.

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