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“The dominance of short-term perspectives has led to routine decisions in the markets that sacrifice the long-term buildup of genuine value in pursuit of artificial, short-term gains.”

— Al Gore —

Inbound Isn’t Working Out Like you expected?

While Al’s quote here was specific to financial markets (an altogether different use of “market”) we believe this statement relates to marketing today.

For many technology companies, the promises of short-term, quick-fixes leveraging inbound, social media, and digital marketing have not born fruit that was promised. Blogging, sharing, and email just aren’t generating the right leads, at the right time—let alone even generating short-term gains.

The reality for companies just like yours is that your industry is probably glutted with content. There are some pretty well-established competitors in your space (and they’re contributing to the content glut), and Google is getting smarter about content every day, making it seemingly impossible to rank in a top position in search.

Software isn’t the answer. Or not all of it. Too long have cloud-based software companies touted the ease of which you can deploy their solutions (“this stuff just works!”), plug in a few variables, and begin “netting” some big fish.

This is, however, unrealistic for companies that have long and complex sales cycles and fragmented decision-making processes. There are so many variables, influencers and channels between your decision maker and your solution, that “quick fix” for a complex problem defies logic. And we haven’t even started talking about the sales side of the equation.

So in a world where everyone is doing content marketing, yet struggling with success, what can you do?

Account-Based Marketing in Play

Content marketing is the answer—yet not in a vacuum

In conjunction with a strong and strategic counterpart, content marketing can shorten your sales cycle, and deliver exactly the right flow of business—at the right time. At MESH, that counterpart is Account-Based Marketing (ABM).

By definition, ABM is account targeting—focusing on specific key accounts, instead of the broad approach of create and wait of inbound marketing.

Our approach includes:
  • Ideal target definition. Rather than broadly define some vaguely related demographics, we look at specific elements that are critical to key accounts. We use this to build your ideal target account profile.
  • Aligning marketing and sales. Often within our client organizations, these two teams are disconnected. Our approach brings them closer together, making the entire effort more successful.
  • Data mining. You need to know what your ideal target looks like. How much is this account worth?
  • Persona development. Understand and define who the buyers are in your key accounts, what “job” they are hiring your solution to do, and who the influencers are in the buying process.
  • Competitive analysis. You don’t work in a vacuum. You need deep insight into what your competitors are doing, and what content they are creating.
  • Highly-targeted content development. The right message at the right time is crucial to a successful ABM program.
  • Channel definition. Different accounts and different decision makers will be active in different channels. You need to be where your key account is spending their time.

Don’t be fooled, Account-Based Marketing is a bit different from selling in a few key ways.

From how leads are generated, to mapping out key decision makers and influencers within your target organization, to who sees what content, there are key nuances to ensuring that you’re not wasting time and just adding to the content glut—and driving leads.

Stop waiting for your clients to find you, and start actively identify, targeting and closing them today

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