These Are the ClickFunnels Alternatives You Were Looking For

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While you probably aren’t suited up in stifling white trooper armor on a desert planet looking for insurgents, you’re still facing marketing challenges of your own. Thankfully, these ClickFunnels alternatives can help you get there.

In the era of instant gratification, our content marketing needs have changed dramatically. This is especially true for content in Account-Based Marketing.

It’s not surprising that needs are changing, though. Our tools, technologies, and strategies should constantly adapt to reflect the times we live in.

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Every piece of content involved in your ABM strategy needs to be yummy going down—images need to be high quality and load fast. Content needs to be consumable and hyper-relevant to readers, all while trying to be dynamic and interesting. These are just some of the factors that go into the equation of competing for a prospect’s attention.

As a skilled marketer on the frontline, you have enough on your plate without adding the significant time investment of creating multiple value ladders for potential leads, and all of the content that goes along with them.

This is why ClickFunnels is such an appetizing service. Sales funnels, landing pages, webpage editor with a tap of the trackpad—what’s better than that?

Not so fast.

While ClickFunnels works wonders making it easier for marketers to sell their products and services, it can seem out of reach for marketers who are experimenting with new approaches—or like a lot of us—are budget constrained.


Indeed, at $97 a month for the Startup Now plan ($297 for the Etison Suite plan), having access to these tools can put a bit of a strain on already tight marketing budgets.

But what can you do, really? Well, lucky for you, we did the research and answered that question. There happen to be services out there that are valuable ClickFunnels alternatives, each with comparable effectiveness.

In this post, we’ll point out a few of those ClickFunnels alternatives worth mentioning.

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Specializing in landing pages to drive leads into sales funnels, Leadpages is well-known for being a pioneer in the field. It’s also known for being one of the first landing page builders ever, so they’ve had the time to polish their product.

Leadpages Home Page Screenshot

In addition to offering you ways to customize and create landing pages, Leadpages is easy to use and boasts a wide variety of professional landing page templates. Like ClickFunnels, it’s very grab-and-go, fast, and straightforward.

If you had to do a side-by-side comparison of Leadpages to ClickFunnels, the biggest difference between the two should be abundantly clear. Simply put, Leadpages does landing pages, ClickFunnels does sales funnels. Additionally, Leadpages does have webinar hosting, opt-ins, and integration options until the next millennium.

Leadpages landing page templates as ClickFunnels alternative

There are three options when it comes to getting a membership with Leadpages; they cost $25, $48, and $199 for standard, pro, and advanced plans, which are all billed at an annual rate. They also offer monthly and 2-year plans, ranging from $17 to $320 a month depending on the membership levels and billing frequency.

If you’re looking for a way to really grow out your e-mail list, consider using Leadpages. It offers many of the same core options as ClickFunnels at a more affordable price.


Unbounce is a flexible solution to support, create, test, and publish your landing pages, website popups, and sticky bars.

Driving the success of brands such as Hootsuite, New Balance, and Thomson Reuters, Unbounce offers a level of sophistication seldom seen in landing page builders. Providing unparalleled support for the tech problems and questions that arise at work, Unbounce knows a timely response is essential to getting stuff done.

Unbounce home page screenshot

In comparing to ClickFunnels, you’ll notice straight-away that Unbounce is also extremely easy to use. You’ll also notice that it integrates well with a variety of analytics, e-mail marketing, and marketing automation tools, like HubSpot, MailChimp, Salesforce, and Zapier.

It’s also worthwhile to add that Unbounce is very mobile-friendly. Not only are there standard templates optimized for mobile, but it’s also possible to make a distinct and separate mobile design from your desktop design. This allows you to customize user experience specific to devices.

Unbounce available app integrations

Okay, I know budget can be an issue, and that’s part of why we started this. And the cost of using Unbounce can be a little pricey with monthly plans starting at $99, $199, and $499/month, respectively. Annual membership will run you about $79, $159, and $399+.

As a ClickFunnels alternative, though, it’s a great choice because it’s like aspirin for a marketer’s headache. So if price isn’t the reason you’re looking for a new program, Unbounce’s ease of use, many integrations, and mobile-first approach make it a very pragmatic choice.

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Builderall is a great solution for the people who aren’t quite ready for (or aren’t willing to) spend the money on ClickFunnels.

More specifically, this service is good for marketers seeking a platform that acts as an all-in-one solution for an online business. Gone are the days of playing musical chairs with your web-building tools—using two or three different services to achieve the same result Builderall does with one.

Builderall home page screenshot

The service combines blog building, e-mail marketing, SEO, website-building services, and more, into one comprehensive and intuitive package.

ClickFunnels, by contrast, handles everything for you relative to form-builders, follow up e-mail capabilities, funnel-building services, and a landing page creator. Due to Builderall offering everything you need to build a successful website and sales funnel, and drive traffic, it means there is an inherent level of customization it offers over ClickFunnels.

Another thing that makes Builderall unique to marketers is the freedom of choice and customization, while also offering the same user-friendly interface that ClickFunnels provides.

Finally, a Builderall membership will cost an affordable $9.90, $29.90, and $49.90 per month, respectively. If you’re looking for a ClickFunnels alternative with all of the bells and whistles, all contained in a single platform, Builderall is a sensible choice.

Thrive Themes

One thing marketers like about ClickFunnels is the ease with which the platform allows you to build sales funnels. With Thrive Themes you can actually build a fully-functional website within minutes with a drag and drop editor.

Thrive Themes home page screenshot

What’s especially great about Thrive Themes—a plugin for WordPress—is that you get that same ease of use as ClickFunnels. But it also offers e-mail marketing, a headline optimizer, landing pages, lead generation, and social media integration built into the platform.

In comparison to ClickFunnels, Thrive Themes does tend to be a bit more technical in its application. Because of that, some additional time may be needed to adjust to using it, whereas with ClickFunnels you can take off running. Overall, though, once you master the learning curve of Thrive Themes, you’re golden.

Thrive Themes headline optimizer as ClickFunnels alternative

Thrive Themes has two membership plans. For individuals and entrepreneurs, a membership is $19 per month when billed annually, which allows you to use the plugin on 25 of your websites. The other option is for agencies and web designers, and lets you use the software on 50 of your clients’ websites. An agency membership will run you $49 a month when billed annually.

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Instapage is another great landing page builder, but like Leadpages, there is something about Instapage that sets it apart from its competition. The special quality of this particular ClickFunnels alternative is it’s the only vendor in the industry that enables you to create landing pages to scale.

Instapage example of use in website designing

With a custom template (or Instablocks, a tool on the Instapage platform) you can create loads and loads of unique landing pages en masse. This cuts the middle man out of reusing, recreating, and repurposing the same content per page. And this also means you can focus more on fresh content that engages users and enhances the user post-click conversion experience.

Comparing Instapage to ClickFunnels is a lot like trying to compare an apple to an orange (sure, they’re both fruit, but still…) Instapage can help create sales funnels, but it also permits collaborators on a project to get in touch with each other directly on the platform.

Instapage group collaboration as ClickFunnels alternative

Instapage is $99 per month then billed annually for their Core plan, which includes just “the basics;” it is marketed as for those “getting started with post-click optimization.” Their Enterprise plan cost isn’t set in stone but instead is correlative to your business wants and needs. It offers the same features as the Core plan, but also includes global blocks, AMP landing pages, and real-time collaboration.


The last ClickFunnels alternative on our list, SamCart, acts as a virtual storefront. It is a great place to sell physical items and memberships. For instance, you will enjoy SamCart’s capabilities to allow users to bump their order and purchase more product through up-selling.

SamCart home page screenshot

Compared to ClickFunnels, the difference between the two couldn’t be starker. Both services have the same end game in mind—you want to sell more product. The ways these services go about achieving that, though, are completely different.

For starters, the objective of SamCart is to gain income at checkout—the decision stage of the buyer’s journey. ClickFunnels is designed for the consideration stage, as funnels are only needed when a prospect needs to be nurtured to make that purchase.

SamCart is priced at $19 a month for a standard plan, $99 for pro, and $199 for premium. If you’re looking for a ClickFunnels alternative that is more focused on a simple solution to selling your product, SamCart makes the most sense.

But Why Stop Here?

At this point, you could probably just pick a ClickFunnels alternative from the list we’ve compiled and call it a day.

But if you’re still confused about which to choose, or what exactly your marketing automation software should be doing, there also the option of working with a full-service digital marketing agency.


It’s possible the answer to your problem lies outside the scope of a blog. You can learn about engaging and converting customers with our marketing automation platform, OttoPilot. Give us a call today at 844.432.8987 or send us a message on chat.

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