7 Ways Chatbots Can Help Your Landing Pages Kick @#$

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Interactive Marketing, Landing Pages

Using chatbots on your landing pages can reduce your bounce rate, drive engagement, and save customers time.

If you’re considering using chatbots on landing pages, you’re in the right place.

You’ve worked hard to nurture your prospects…

…And one has followed you all the way through your sales funnel and arrived at your site.

He’s ready to buy but has a few questions or needs assistance.

Unfortunately, he is on the East Coast, and you’re on the West, so your team is just not available yet.


You have a few options in this scenario:

  • Hope for the best; with any luck, he’ll come back during business hours
  • Hire a team to work overnight or first thing in the morning, just in case of this scenario
  • Use a chatbot to ensure his questions are answered and needs are met, no matter what time it is

Hoping that a prospect will return is a recipe for disaster; in most cases, they will click away to a competitor (who does respond instantly) and you’ll lose them for good.

Hiring a team to cover your off hours is costly. It adds to your bottom line, with no guarantee of success.

But, when you create a custom chatbot, your 2am prospect’s questions are easily answered. He feels attended to and cared for, no matter what time it is.

Chatbots on landing pages can increase conversions, make customers feel like they are getting immediate attention and boost your overall engagement, even after hours.

Learning more about chatbots and how they work can demystify this useful tool and allow you to create an automated, working bot of your own.

What are Chatbots?

A chatbot is not a physical AI or robot, it is a program that is designed to interact with and engage with your prospects. Depending on your needs, your chatbot can give the same responses to all queries or it can create different responses depending on the questions asked.

A landing page chatbot can reflect the tone of your brand–it can be formal and businesslike or creative and clever, depending on your needs. According to Drift, chatbots can even be programmed to learn from customer queries and to formulate responses that mimic a human customer service provider.

If your customers need responses to questions, need to provide you with feedback or want to get in touch with your brand, a chatbot can eliminate frustration. According to Drift’s State of the Chatbot report, customers benefit from chatbots in a variety of ways. Your customers can…

  • …get swift answers to questions about a product or service
  • …give feedback, including complaints or praise and get a response which assures them they are being heard
  • …request more details or ask for specific resources
  • …can be offered the right promotion and move on through the sales funnel without waiting

Potential Benefits of Chatbots by Drif


For businesses, the benefits of chatbots are even greater. Chatbots can save money and time since they can take the place of human representatives. Chatbots also ensure that the hard work your marketing team does is not undermined by a lack of response (if you’re setting up new landing pages—check out this B2B landing page checklist).

In many cases, a customer who visits a site with a question and gets no response will simply move on. Chatbots can prevent this loss.

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Benefits of Using Chatbots on Landing Pages

While chatbots can enhance any part of your marketing routine, they’re particularly useful on landing pages.

Since the primary goal of a landing page is to present a single idea and to get a user to take a single action, a conversational bot can provide assistance without disrupting the experience.

Example of a Chatbot on a landing page

Chatbots on landing pages also provide conversation and engagement; customers are more likely to move forward after they have committed time to your page and engaged with your brand, even if that engagement is with a virtual employee.

1. Chatbots Reduce Bounces

Since a chatbot can display right on your landing page, customers do not have to click elsewhere to get the answers they need. This ensures that your prospects stay right where you want them to be — in front of your offer. Your chatbot can engage with your prospect right on your landing page, answering questions and retaining your visitor so that they are in the right position to view your offer.

A prospect that has to click away or move to another page to get an answer will no longer be on your landing page and won’t even see your CTA or offer.

Every prospect that bounces from your page is a lost opportunity. You’ve worked hard to get your targeted demographic to see your marketing and to respond to your offers; if you let them slip away from your landing page, all of your initial work has gone to waste. Chatbots help make every prospect and every visit count and ensure you don’t miss out on sales just because a question went unanswered.

2. Multitasking Made Easy

A human rep can talk to or engage with a single person at a time; even a great multitasker can only carry on a few activities or conversations at once. A bot is different; it can simultaneously address the needs of multiple visitors and prevent frustration and waiting. Your bot can engage more than one user at a time, providing answers to one and automatically booking a meeting, appointment or followup call with another. Your landing page chatbot can create a personalized experience based on your customer’s needs, even if multiple visitors need attention at the same time.


3. Chatbots Boost Engagement

A chatbot can keep a viewer on a page for a longer period of time than static content or even video. Because a bot will continue to engage, your prospects will stay in place and spend more time on your site. Chatbots on landing pages can reduce your bounce rate, which not only enhances engagement but can boost your SEO as well.

4. Rapid Response Rates Encourage Sales

Research suggests that buyers want swift responses, or they get frustrated and go elsewhere. Pages need to load quickly and questions need to be answered right away or you risk losing your customer entirely. When you (or your bot) respond quickly, you’re more likely to capture a sale and gain a customer. Make your prospects wait and you’ll find they go elsewhere.

A chatbot can respond in real-time and prevent the frustration that ultimately leads the prospect to leave your landing page entirely.

5. Chatbots Save You Time and Resources

Your team won’t have to stop what they are doing to answer routine customer queries when you include a chatbot in your landing page and website setup. A chatbot can answer the easy questions and direct users to the correct department for additional human help. This makes the process of getting assistance more streamlined and ensures your team can focus on what matters most.


6. Minimal Training Required

Your chatbot can be set up to learn from the responses it receives from customers. A chatbot that can access and analyze data can come up with successful responses on its own. While a human employee may need ongoing, regular training, a chatbot performs as expected every time. The right chatbot can even learn from its own experiences, without further training needed. This saves both time and money and optimizes your customer’s experience. For chatbots on landing pages, this means that the bot can respond to both typical and atypical customer needs and formulate responses that resonate with your prospects and visitors.

7. Chatbots as Lead Generators

When you create an effective landing page, you give users a single option. If they need more details, have questions or require other input to take that next step, a chatbot can help. Your chatbot can live right on your landing page and be available if your prospect has a question that is not covered on the page itself.

In this case, the chatbot can be set up to not only answer questions but to schedule a call or appointment or trigger a download of your opt-in or asset.

Create an Experience

Your chatbots don’t have to be bland. You can entertain your prospects by incorporating fun, engaging and lively content and responses. This keeps your visitors where you want them. It forms a lasting connection, even if the prospect never speaks with a human sales rep. Your bot can reflect your branding—fun and whimsical or earnest and helpful—and create a cohesive, coordinated customer experience for your targeted prospects.

Whether you use them to keep visitors on your landing page or to answer questions and even seal a deal, chatbots can help you make the most of your landing page efforts. Using chatbots on landing pages gives you an easy way to enhance your page and boost your conversion rate, without increasing your sales staff or budget.


Not sure how to incorporate a chatbot into your own landing pages — or what level of support it should offer? We can help you create a comprehensive landing page that includes this innovative element and that creates a lasting impression on your visitors. Get in touch today to learn how your brand can leverage chatbots on landing pages and to make the most of this tech.

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