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“Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”

— Erich Fromm —

Creativity that Converts

In the twenty-something years that our team has been working in the industry, we’ve seen a lot of changes come and go. We were among the first generation to have mac-based computer labs in college, and we’ve watched the rise of $5 crowd-source creative campaigns.

This hasn’t changed the truism that great branding and creative can truly make the difference between a good company and a great one. Those companies that are truly focused and competitive understand the responsibility and value that its brand carries.

Branding in a Social World

While that is all true, branding has changed. You are no longer in complete control of your brand—social media has given every customer a voice and every dissatisfied individual a platform. So the efforts you make to build your brand must be more strategic and authentic than ever. It’s no longer a one-time effort—branding is now a journey down an unknown highway.

The work you do with your brand has never been more important. Whether you’re looking to name, position or create, we can help you understand and answer the most critical questions and develop the “most true” brand for you—and your communities.


Branding and Creative Success

Brand Development and Design

Social media, the rise of influencers and a demand for transparency and authenticity has forced a paradigm shift in brand development.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Break through the humdrum boring world of content marketing and video with moving stories and motion graphics.

User Experience Design

How a user engages with your design is critical. MESH has more than twenty years of experience developing strategy and executing UX UI projects for clients around the world.

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