Motion Graphics and Animation

Deliver richer digital experiences with stories that move.

“Animation offers a medium of storytelling and visual entertainment which can bring… information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.”

— Walt Disney —

Tap Into a World of Entertainment and Fantasy

Sorry, but we’re not taking you on a trip to Disneyland.

While it’d be fun—we don’t really know you all that well—yet.

What we’re really talking about is breaking through the humdrum boring world of content marketing that includes millions of blog posts, billions of images, and podcasts, social media posts, and downloads that are all being created daily. With this glut of content, something has to exist that captures your prospect’s imagination and puts them on the path of the coveted buyer’s journey.

Motion graphics, animation, and video infographics can help you do exactly this.

Consider these stats from Hubspot:
  • Video in an email can increase your click through rate 200 – 300%
  • Video on a landing page can increase conversion rate as much as 80%
  • 50% of executives look for more information after see a product or service in a video.

If video, animation or motion graphics is one of the most effective ways to increase KPIs, what can you do to get going today?

Video and Motion Graphics in Play

There are plenty of options out there for anyone looking to create marketing videos and motion graphics for their campaigns. In most cases, clients come to MESH looking for us to develop the strategy around their video, execute on all facets of the engagement, and manage the vendors on the project.

Typically, we provide the following motion graphics services:
  • Motion graphic and animation strategy
  • Scripting
  • Storyboarding
  • Voiceover artist selection and sourcing
  • Animation
  • Creation of motion graphics
  • Compositing
  • Final Production
  • Distribution strategy

While you’re probably not looking to create the next “Alice in Wonderland,” there’s a good chance that your digital or content marketing program would dramatically benefit from even an animated short. If you’re excited to move beyond dry information presentation and into the dramatic and compelling world of moving stories, let us help you rule your customers’ hearts today.

Learn how you can leverage motion graphics and animation in your next digital marketing program

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Motion Graphics or Animation

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