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We aren’t your father’s branding agency.

Brand development “for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”

— Jeff Bezos —

Branding in a Post-Material World

Sorry, Madonna. That ship has sailed.

Social media, the rise of influencers and a demand for transparency and authenticity has forced a paradigm shift in brand development. The focus now is less on the material and more on substance.

Your brand used to be “what people say about you when you’re not around.” It was the sum of your logo, colors, messaging, culture and more. Now, buyers no longer trust institutions. Social validation is more important than ever. And “ho-hum” good enough product design is no longer acceptable. Consumers’ expectations are higher while their tolerance is lower—experience is everything.

The good news about brand development is that it’s now easier than ever. Be yourself, deliver amazing experiences at every level, and keep it simple. This is where we can help.

In addition to our other digital marketing services, we’ll help you understand and leverage brand insights like:
  • Why are we doing this? (your purpose)
  • Who are we doing this for? (your customers)
  • What “job” do we do for them? (what problem are we solving)
  • How do we solve it? (our attributes)

Brand Development in Play

While the world has changed, you still need to make sure you have your brand buttoned up.

No need to walk into a sales pitch with your shirt half out and glasses askew. Depending on where you’re at with your branding, we can help you with any or all of the following:

  • Brand strategy, research, and planning
  • Brand audit and social sentiment
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand architecture
  • Messaging and story development
  • Communication strategy
  • Naming
  • Mark and logo design
  • Communication and style guides
  • Reputation management

Whether you’re “like a virgin” and planning on developing your brand from the ground up, needing to “express yourself” with brand re-alignment, or looking to build on a “lucky star” and expand on an already successful brand, our team at MESH can help you do it, with style.

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