Back In the Saddle…

by | Jan 20, 2011 | Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Yea, we’ve been busy, we’ll admit it. You might have noticed that we haven’t posted to our blog in some time. Yep – we went against our own rules here, but with good reason….

Despite the continued worry about the floundering economy and job losses, here at MESH we, and our clients seem to be doing just fine, in fact, better than fine. We’ve been busy growing and improving our business, adding staff, skills and investing in new technology to better serve our growing customer base. We’ve been busy helping our customers build strong identities; launch new websites; foster stronger and deeper connections with their customers; and, above all, supporting the successful growth of each and every one of their businesses. And even as we develop and direct the communications and marketing efforts of our clients, we’ve let our own slide by the wayside, focusing our energies completely into the success of each and every one of them.

That being said, we believe strongly in the power of social media and the delivery of fresh and informative content and are renewing our commitment to delivering insights and advice to help you improve and grow along with us.  So yes, we’ve been busy and we’ve neglected to share our experiences and observations over the past several months, but rest assured, we’re back and we’ve got plenty to say.

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