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by | Apr 27, 2017 | Account-Based Marketing, Adaptive Persona Development, Interactive Marketing

Here we go again. Every year me and my trusty “meshies” get together to bang out another ridiculously intense marketing resource. Really, there are only so many 7,000+ word blog posts we can (or want to) write.

Located over at the meshLAB, these projects are not only useful to marketers of all colors, they’re also great showcase pieces. Let’s take a quick trip in the time machine and look at some of those.

2014: We Love Science.

In 2014, we created an Interactive Periodic Table of Digital Marketing Predictions. Showcasing our unique ability to custom code just about anything, it curates over 100 digital marketing predictions for that year, all while staying current (3 years later), but pulling current tweets and blog posts when you activate each element. Easily one of my favorite projects ever.

2015: Content Marketing Rules.

In 2015, we developed and curated 111 Interactive Content Marketing Statistics into an amazingly long animated infographic. The goal here was to create a unique and useful animated resource that helped provide insight into the rapidly changing and expanding field of content marketing.

2016: The Year of the eBook

In 2016, we launched our most resource intensive and ambitious project ever, an entire year’s worth of email marketing best practices. The 365 email tips and the accompanying colossal ebook took half the year, our entire team, and who knows how many Redbulls and whiskeys (those are separate drinks—no mixing please). The goal here was to provide utility—and ebooks are notorious for doing exactly the opposite. Practically every ebook I’ve downloaded in the last 2 months have made me think—“where’s the beef?” Packed with hundreds of useful tips, quotes and experts, we also solved the most common ebook challenges through the creative use of technology, woman-power (let’s face it—the women of mesh totally crushed this), and old-fashioned grit.


2017: The Evergreen Interactive Infographic on ABM for Marketers

MESH_ABM-InfographicWe come to our effort for 2017: An Evergreen Interactive Infographic on ABM for Marketers. Based on the fact that all anyone is talking about is Account Based Marketing this year, we thought it’d be helpful to do up something interesting, useful, topical and practical. Aimed at Marketers, it’ll be packed with topical tips and data around integrating ABM and Content Marketing. We plan on making it highly interactive, with entries that allow you to input your own data points and match against what your peers and competitors are doing. Lastly, we’ll be updating it weekly in perpetuity, so check back frequently for new tips and data, or subscribe to the updates list, and you’ll know as soon as we add to it—plus some additional bonus content.

Check out the ABM Interactive Infographic here.

As always, let us know what you think of it. Was it useful? Did you learn something you didn’t know before? Maybe connect some dots you’d seen, but weren’t sure about the overall picture?

Also, interested in creating an interactive infographic like this for your company or non-profit? Contact us to start a conversation today.

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