Account-Based Marketing

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MESH Interactive is a digital marketing agency that takes a different and more targeted (and effective) approach to Account-Based Marketing. Based on our unique Outcome Driven Marketing (ODM) methodology, our agency specializes in B2B marketing, lead generation, and Job-to-be-Done innovation.

We find that Account-Based Marketing is the natural culmination of marketing efforts as B2B companies evolve through the various marketing channels. We can help you build your ABM strategy from scratch or fill the gaps in an existing program, and ultimately help you gain value and drive results you’ll fall in love with.

Interactive Assets

Interactive Assessment

Interactive assessments help prospects understand their challenges and needs better and help you develop customer profiles, generate leads and segment prospects.

Interactive Video

Interactive videos empower your prospects to “choose their own path” through your dynamic content, keeping them engaged with your content longer and driving engagement, viewing time, and conversions.

Branded Lead Magnet

Create emotional connections with your prospects through valuable and engaging branded content. Improve engagement, positioning, and grow traffic and leads.

A Proven Approach to ABM

Account-Based Marketing may seem to be the hot topic right now, but in one shape or another, ABM has been around a long time. We just haven’t really focused on it because in their respective times,  advertising, SEO, and content marketing were effective enough—for long enough. That’s changed, and it’s time that we as marketers look beyond just attracting customers, and actively pursue them.

Our agency has built out a comprehensive approach to Account-Based Marketing that is based on years combining tight integration with marketing and sales teams, bleeding edge technology, a little bit of data science, and not just a little bit of art. We briefly outline our strategic approach to Account-Based Marketing below.

Discover Your Ideal Customer Profile

If you’re tackling Account-Based Marketing, it’s critical that you create a clearly defined ideal customer profile (ICP). Whether you’re leveraging past accounts or building new ICPs from scratch, the success of your ABM strategy is contingent on nailing this first step. Though a combination of experience and industry-test tools, we can help you go beyond the typical high-level metrics everyone looks at, and make sure that you start your campaign off on the right foot.

Identify Decision Makers and Influencers

Once you’re defined your ICP and discovered specific target accounts, you need to build a list of decision makers and influencers. As with any other form of marketing, building out dynamic adaptive personas in partnership with your sales team will help drive the success of your account based marketing program.

For an effective ABM strategy, you’ll want to go beyond the simple understanding of your target accounts (the business), to your buyers (adaptive personas), and dig directly into the “job” that they are “hiring” your business to do. Once you have an understanding of this and have it clearly defined, your customers’ job-to-be-done can help you develop a more targeted marketing strategy. 

Create Highly Personalized Content

Unlike inbound marketing that requires you to create content that attracts, Account-Based Marketing demands that you create highly personalized content and experiences for your target to support your outbound. Successful ABM campaigns go beyond blogs and venture into personalized 1-to-1 videos, physical items, and more. The research done on your key decision makers will inform your strategy and be critical to delivering the most personalize experience—on- and off-line.

Beyond this, you need to be prepared to develop robust, targeted PPC campaigns, engage across any channel your prospect is active on, get executive buy-in, bring sales and marketing into alignment (and possible go so far as to merge the two into a hybrid business growth arm), and finally bring it all together through robust campaign strategy, orchestration and reporting.

We Help you Orchestrate All of This… And More…

Account-Based Marketing is for more sophisticated—and more effective—than strictly content marketing or sales alone. And as an Account-Based Marketing agency, we can help you orchestrate your entire program, or help you refine specific in-need areas.

This can include:

  • Account-Based Marketing Strategy

  • Ideal Customer Profile Definition

  • Target Account Identification

  • Target Account List Generation

  • Key Contact List Building

  • Content Creation

  • Highly Targeted PPC Campaign

  • Personalized ABM Campaign Microsites

  • Marketing Automation/Drip Campaigns

  • Social Selling Strategy and Tactical Support

  • Analytics and Campaign Evolution

More Information on Account-Based Marketing

If you’re seriously considering creating an Account-Based Marketing campaign, check out this helpful interactive Account-Based Marketing Infographic we created.

If you have questions about ABM, chat with our Founder, Bill Schick about Account-Based Marketing via the chat tool in the lower right-hand corner (yes, that’s actually him chatting back), or send us your information here.

Account-Based Marketing Agency

MESH Interactive is a digital agency that has pioneered Account-Based Marketing via our proprietary Outcome Driven Marketing (ODM) methodology. We keep our focus on tightly integrating (or MESHing) lead generation, inbound, and outbound methodologies. We help you understand the hidden levers that impact your customers’ buying decision process, develop the right marketing strategy for your unique business case, and effectively execute and measure all aspects of your ABM program.

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