A Big “Like” For New Integrated Facebook Mobile Microsites

by | Feb 12, 2012 | Marketing Technology, Social Media Marketing

Congratulations, marketers–by now your Facebook page has hundreds of customers and prospective customers who “Like” you. But once they’ve clicked that big thumbs-up button, how do you keep bringing them back? How do you build a thriving community, gain brand loyalty and deepen their engagement to drive their next purchase?

The answer is easier to achieve than you think, it’s actually in the palm of your hand. New technology makes it fast, easy and affordable to think beyond the landing page and go mobile and social, all at once.

Mobile social network use has jumped 210% since 2011, and shows no sign of slowing. If you’ve ever fumbled to open a favorite brand’s website on your phone, you know it can be frustrating to access preferred information when you must waste time punching tiny text on multiple Web pages and the information when you finally receive it is so small to read you give up and exit the site.

MESH has introduced a new integrated Facebook “social” mobile microsite that empowers organizations to keep a consistent brand online while engaging their community and customers in the platform they prefer. The social mobile microsite is embedded within your company’s Facebook page and also drives its mobile site. Your community and customers see the same consistent brand on their mobile device as they do when they visit your website on their computer.

Integrated Facebook mobile microsites get Likes from community and prospects because:

  • they are Empowering. Companies now can be present when and where their customers and prospective customers are looking. Users get the info they need, fast and through the method they prefer.
  • they are Accessible. Users have access to the information they need while on the go such as phone directories, maps, product information and event dates and times–without leaving Facebook.
  • they Automate your Facebook presence. Marketers often worry that managing the company’s social presence takes too much time and effort. With integrated social mobile microsites, your company website can now live within the Facebook platform–frees you from worrying about what to post regularly.
  • they make Multi-channel Branding easy. Social mobile microsites let you retain a consistent brand no matter where your audience interacts with you. You can focus on building your community, deepening brand engagement and increasing revenue.

It’s been proven that people spend less time browsing the Web on mobile devices because they’re trying to accomplish different tasks. By creating a targeted experience with your mobile audience in mind, you’re further demonstrating to your prospects that you put them first, every time.

Integrated Facebook mobile microsite technology is so much more than simply making your website accessible on mobile devices. It’s about seamlessly bridging the gaps between traditional media, new media, mobile media, and social media. It’s about building community by engaging your audiences where they are–on the platform of their choice. It’s about converting fans and creating engagement that drives behavior and boosts customer advocacy.

It’s an exciting new tool for today’s most in-demand social platform.  Ask us about it today!

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