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#206: Use Visuals to Reduce Mental Load Time

by | Aug 24, 2016 | eBook, MeshLabs

“We all love to quote KISS—Keep It Simple, Stupid. But we don’t often think about what that really means. How often are we less than clear in communications? How often do we use complex words, when a simple drawing might do the job more effectively (thanks Ikea!), because we don’t think about it or don’t know how? Good customer service occurs at every touch point, and that includes information sharing. Reduce mental load whenever you can!”


When creating emails, we often consider the file size of the email, and how long that email will take to load in the email client. The more graphics, the longer to load, and better chance we have of losing the viewer. Instead, think about the mental load on the user. Use graphics in emails to convert some of the mental processing and story telling from cognitive processing to visual processing, because visual processing is typically a lighter load for most people. For example, rather than using the text of your email to ask the recipient to remember something from your website, use a graphic to show them. By doing this, you’ve reduced the amount of mental work the reader has to do.

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