2015 Periodic Table of Digital Marketing Predictions and Trends

by | Feb 5, 2015 | Interactive Marketing

As a marketer, you’ve experienced the influx of marketing predictions and forecasted trends that are out there. But how difficult has it been to stay on top of all the emails, blogs and reports and still get your day-to-day responsibilities accomplished? Exactly. It is nearly impossible to stay ahead of all of the information, not to mention make sense of it all so you can do something smart with it. That’s why the team here at MESH took January to do our research and aggregate all of the data to create this easy-to-digest periodic table of digital marketing predictions and trends for you. The table is comprised of 114 elements—interesting opportunities facing your marketing team—in content marketing, social media, digital marketing, mobile, marketing automation, big data and analytics and much more.

It’s easy for marketers to reflect on the successes they experienced over the past year and make the decision to duplicate efforts that are already working, but what marketers also need to realize is the importance of staying on top of new opportunities, if they want to be innovative.

Telling you about the predictions and trends for 2015 is one thing, helping you figure out how to put them to work for your organization is the real benefit. So, we will dive deeper into specific marketing predictions and trends that will help inspire you to innovate throughout the year.

In upcoming weeks and months we’ll look at:

Real-Time Marketing:

In 2013, Oreo made this term come to life when they capitalized on the power outage of Super Bowl XLVII and came up with “Dunk in the Dark.” While brands didn’t have the big opportunity last Sunday night in the way Oreo did two years ago, they sure did their best to tap into Super Bowl fever with efforts across social media. Take for example this tweet from Cheerios that they shared seconds after the goal-line interception by Patriot’s Malcolm Butler.  Cheerios_Super_BowlMarketers need to discover ways they can be more agile and reactive to opportunities facing them in 2015. Ideas like these help brands connect with their customers. How can you become a more agile organization and tap into real-time marketing in 2015?


Your social audiences can be a truly inspired source of content that is authentic and highly sharable. They tell your brand story without any provocation, simply because they love you and all that you stand for. Take advantage of this genuine marketing content and leverage your online brand ambassadors to help you humanize your marketing. How do you start the conversation with your loyal followers?

Recycling Content:

Many organizations know that content is important but the stats highlight that brands are struggling to create, manage and maintain a steady flow of content in the pipeline. We love the idea of recycling content because it helps alleviate all these issues. When an organization thinks about the creation of a larger piece of content, such as an eBook, whitepaper or case study, the next step is to think about how that larger piece of content can be disseminated into small bites, including infographics, charts, slides, videos, testimonials, and more, for use across multiple channels. All of a sudden you’ve created a content beast. How can you do this at your organization?

Let us help you answer these questions and more, as you set out to WOO your customers in 2015. Consider how you can re-shift your marketing strategy in a way that allows you to stand out, be more creative and relevant, and work on building relationships. Learn what your customers want and combine that with your brand story to create the content that drives your marketing. Then, use the marketing predictions and trends we compiled to blow your marketing strategy out of this world, giving you the competitive advantage to stay ahead in 2015.

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