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#189: Take an Active Role in Monitoring Gmail (and Other Email Client) Changes

by | Aug 24, 2016 | eBook, MeshLabs

“So many of us get hung up on the marketing features of technology, and don’t focus on pragmatic, customer-facing aspects. We’re all pulled in a million directions (see my tip on ‘The Decider‘) and we have limited time—can’t know everything. But it’s these often overlooked little changes and tweaks on the fringes that can lead to big shifts in the efficacy of our marketing campaigns. So choose something that you can focus on, and look for hidden opportunities to stand out from other distractions.”


Subscribe to reliable sources of information about Gmail changes like its official blog (, to keep an eye on updates. For example, Google is beginning to roll out a major change where it uses it’s own AI to sort your incoming email. Your main email will be listed in a “Primary” tab, anything that seems to be an ad or promotional email will be listed under a “Promotions” tab and so on. Stay up to date on these changes, because—even small ones—can impact whether your list ever actually sees your email.

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