“You must unlearn what you have learned.”

— Yoda —

Digital Advertising can Make or Break Your Content Marketing

It’s true. We’d love it if you could grow your business with a strictly organic content marketing initiative. Marketing automation platforms, free resources, and social media all tout the power of content and inbound marketing.

And what’s not to love? Just blog 500 words a week, get people to sign up for your e-newsletter, and the leads will just fill up your sales team’s funnel.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough. Google and Facebook are changing their algorithms and advertising services all the time. Consider the following:

  • Google has dropped side bar ads and placed more paid ads up top above organic search results
  • Facebook organic reach has dwindled to a paltry 1 – 2%
  • Search, social and private companies are focusing on a mobile-first approach
  • Practically everyone who is positioned as a competitor for your customers’ eyeballs is producing more content
  • Traditional advertising models have by-and-far gone the way of the dodo

All of these combine to make succeeding with a content-based, organic-only approach to marketing difficult. To that end, we’ve applied our own unique approach to solving customer needs (Job to be Done model) to paid advertising.

Digital Advertising in Play

Based on our experience over the last decade+ in digital advertising, to achieve success you must marry content marketing with an active paid advertising campaign. Whether you’re currently forking out thousands per month for AdWords or promoting a few posts on Facebook, we can help improve your overall marketing results with a targetted digital ad campaign driven by our proprietary model and Xterpretor competitive analysis.

MESH’s digital ad campaigns can include:

  • Mapping your content strategy to paid strategy
  • Developing Job to be Done approach
  • Creating paid advertising campaign strategy
  • Advertising audits
  • Providing platform/ad software recommendations
  • Creating and defining advertising personas/audiences
  • Messaging development
  • Defining budget and ad spend
  • Creating/writing/designing paid ads
  • Setting up paid advertising campaign
  • Landing page creation
  • Tracking conversions
  • Conducting conversion optimization
  • Retargeting/remarketing campaign set up
  • Driving campaign management and refinement
  • Providing guidance on privacy policy verbiage and how to address use of cookies and remarketing

Your digital ad campaign can drive sales leads, or it can be a money pit. If you’re looking to accomplish more with your ads than just branding,  talk to a campaign specialist at MESH today.

Learn how we will apply "Job to be Done" in Digital Advertising to your campaign today.

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