Bill Schick

Founder, Strategist, Content Marketer

As the founder and lead content creator of MESH Interactive, Bill has created and launched successful content initiatives on regional, national and international stages. He brings style, ambition, and a disciplined work ethic to the agency. Those who know him well recognize his passion for strategic solutions, creative ideas and heavy rock, an unusual combination that fosters abstract thinking, head banging and occasional dialectic chaos in the office.

Jennifer Kamerman

Director of Digital Marketing

In her role at MESH, Jennifer has driven marketing strategies and content creation projects for small privately-owned businesses, as well as $80 billion international conglomerates. 
She is known for her strong work ethic, problem solving, and a passion for persona-driven content marketing strategies. On any day, you can hear her enthusiastically discussing lead generation campaigns, thin mint Girl Scout cookies, LinkedIn vs Twitter for lead gen, stiletto heels, pink (the color, not the singer) or one of our next BIG IDEAs for a client. In fact, her trusty pink notebook plays an important role in tracking all marketing campaign details including strategy, scheduling, scoping, budgeting and content distribution.

Sheila Heffernan

Digital Content Creator and Researcher

Sheila is a Digital Content Creator and Researcher for MESH. Supporting our clients and partners throughout the digital content process, Sheila strives to form a clear understanding of business goals while helping them execute their content marketing strategies and objectives. This allows her to achieve maximum effectiveness during the creation and execution of each aspect of digital content development. Offline (which is practically never), Sheila enjoys time with her family to be grateful, yoga to clear her head, and any kind of coffee to keep her going.

Lisa Hardy

Senior Designer

Lisa is the ridiculously enthusiastic Senior Designer at MESH. 
She is known for lighting up the room with her bursts of joy when experiencing the smallest things in life. Whether it’s delicious food, Harry Potter (Anything), or a new bright green Yogibo to relax in while she’s sketching her next creative, interactive idea, she always finds the joy in life’s most simple things. Lisa provides all creative direction and core concepts here at MESH, always making sure that our design work is both fresh, yet grounded in decades of professional design theory.

Melissa Roy

Junior Designer

At MESH, Melissa is a crucial asset to the design team. Through her education and training at the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and also the New Hampshire Institute of Art, she has refined not only her graphic design skills but her fine art talents as well. When she’s not creating websites, branded material and interactive designs at MESH, she enjoys spending time with her family (including her dogs). You will often find her out in nature on some sort of adventure. She loves camping, kayaking and of course, taking gorgeous photos of all the beauty she stumbles upon during her travels.

Evan Fell

Senior Full-stack Developer

As a Senior Full-stack Developer at MESH Interactive, Evan Fell has been building advanced content managed websites and web applications for 14 years. He specializes in CMS implementation, 
eCommerce development, lead generation integration, analytics, and solving the technical problems the rest of us here at MESH create. There’s been no task too challenging for him to handle, no wall he hasn’t been willing to scale, and no code he hasn’t been able to create. When he’s not in front of a computer, he’s usually cruising a country road on his motorcycle.